Former MTA Chairman Peter Kalikow urges Trump for agency bailout

Former MTA Chairman Peter Kalikow is appealing to his longtime friend Donald Trump to help rescue his old agency from a coronavirus-induced financial wipeout.

In an April 20 letter obtained by The Post, the 77-year-old real estate magnate asked for the president’s blessing for another $4 billion in federal aid for the city’s cash-strapped mass transit system.

Kalikow, who’s given tens of thousands of dollars to President Trump’s reelection efforts, implored him to consider the devastating national impact if New York City’s subway collapses under the weight of $8.5 billion in lost ridership and tax revenue.

“In the face of inaction from Congress, the system will spiral — taking the economic resurgence of the region, which contributes 10 percent of the national GDP, down with it,” wrote Kalikow, who is also The Post’s former owner and publisher.

“Your assistance is needed now more than ever.”

The letter came days after transit officials said the MTA needs another $3.9 billion on top of the $3.8 provided by the Feds in last month’s stimulus package.

Without more cash, the MTA says it will have to turn to loans intended for long-term infrastructure projects — specifically, the $51.5 billion modernization plan considered to be the best hope for improving subway service.

“The MTA … has cut billions from its budget and will continue to do all it can to responsibly manage its finances,” Kalikow told Trump.

“No amount of service cuts or fare increases that, in and of themselves would destroy the system, can solve the problem.”

Kalikow led the MTA for six years under Govs. George Pataki and Eliot Spitzer.

He was an early supporter of Trump’s 2016 presidential bid. That year, he told Newsday he’d been friends with the now-commander-in-chief for “over 40 years.”

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