Fotis Dulos ‘plotted to kill his attorney’s wife in exchange for alibi the morning his own spouse Jennifer disappeared’ – The Sun

THE complicated murder prosecution of Fotis Dulos, believed to have bludgeoned his estranged wife Jennifer to death, has taken yet another shocking turn.

In voicemail recordings heard in court, the 52-year-old luxury property developer can be heard attempting to make plans to meet with his attorney, Kent Mawhinney's wife – who says the two men were scheming to "get rid" of her.

Authorities theorise the twisted plan was in exchange for an alibi for Dulos on the morning Jennifer was last seen.

Her murder allegedly occurred in Connecticut, although Jennifer's body has yet to be found.

Initially Dulos claimed his wife had faked her own death in a Gone Girl style "killing".

But police now believe her husband was responsible for her gruesome murder.

In voicemail recording shared by WTIC-TV, Dulos can be heard desperately trying to arrange a meet-up with his attorney's wife under the guise of reuniting the couple – who were at the time in the middle of a bitter divorce.


Mawhinney, 53, was also accused of spousal rape, which he denies – the case is still pending.

And Dulos, 52, was going through an unpleasant divorce with his own wife.

He had begun dating another woman, Michelle Traconis at the time who is charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

All three of the accused were charged last week but Dulos and Traconis have since posted bail.

Prior to Mawhinney's arrest he'd been working for luxury property developer Dulos, representing him in the 42.5 million law suit brought against him by Jennifer's mother.

In court, Mawhinney's estranged wife told how she became suspicous of the several pleading voicemails from Dulos and didn't meet with the man in the days leading up to Jennifer's disappearance despite Dulos twice trying to contact her.


In the messages, Dulos can be heard saying: "Hi… this is Fotis Dulos from Fore Group. I just wanted to reach out to you. When you get a chance my number is xxx-xxx-xxxx. Thank you so much. Bye-bye".

In another he says: "Hi… It's, uh, Fotis Dulos. Hope you're doing well.

"Uh, it's Sunday morning, mid-morning, and I'm just trying to touch base with you to see what the plan is so I can plan my uh afternoon, evening accordingly.

"OK. Call me back. Thank you so much. Bye-bye".

The woman's attorney dubbed the voicemails part of a "suspicious plot" to lure her to Dulos' home.

Her attorney added: "This is not a close family friend, this is not a relative, this is not the type of person who you would expect to reach out and try to mend a marriage," Fox Affiliate reports.


At the time, Mawhinney was charged with violating the terms of a protective order after he used Dulos to contact his wife.

Arrest records show police beleive Mawhinney, Troconis and Dulos conspired to kill Jennifer and allege they concocted alibis for Dulos.

Investigators believe Jennifer Dulos was stabbed or bludgeoned to death at her home in New Canaan by her husband — who apparently used zip ties to restrain her.

Jennifer was last seen on the morning of May 24, dropping her five children off at school.

Authorities have said Fotis Dulos was “lying in wait” for his estranged wife to return home from dropping their kids off.



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Troconis and Mawhinney made clashing "vague" and "self-contradictory" statements to police about Dulos' whereabouts on that morning.

A series of chilling twists have littered the case – including the discovery of an alleged human grave on the edge of a country club connected to Mawhinney.

Dulos is also reportedly ridden with debt, and once told girlfriend Troconis: "Sometimes I hope [Jennifer] disappears in order to get his hands on their childrens' $2million trust fund.


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