‘Fumbling’ Kamala Harris blasted by GOP Senator as Joe Biden’s ‘backup quarterback’

Kamala Harris: Joe Concha criticises VP for handling of border

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Comparing the Vice President to one of the key players in an American Football team, Senator Barrasso claimed that Harris was guilty of constant political fumbles. Barrasso, the senior senator for Wyoming, was particularly critical of the Biden administration’s record on coronavirus and inflation.

He said: “The undeniable truth is that Joe Biden as president is overwhelmed and ineffective.

“And the vice president, his backup quarterback, it seems every time she touches the ball, it’s either a fumble or throws an interception.

“And the reason I say that is the American people have just lived through the most expensive Christmas ever.”

Kamala Harris and Joe Biden both started the year with poor ratings after the US President received his highest disapproval rating yet in December.

The ratings reflect the country’s discontent with the government’s handling of the ongoing Covid pandemic and the constant supervision of the economy.

In addition, the price of gas and other essentials is increasing.

Barrasso continued: “The price of gasoline at the pump on Christmas Day was the highest it’s ever been on a Christmas day in America.

“Cost of a gallon of gas is one dollar a gallon higher this Christmas than it was last Christmas.

“And it’s not just gasoline, it’s Christmas gifts. It’s groceries for Christmas.

“People around the country are struggling and suffering and the president and vice president think that all they need to do is maybe wave a magic wand and things would get better.”

Barrasso was particularly scathing about a recent interview Vice President Harris did for CBS News.

He said: “She was asked about inflation and asked if it was transitory because remember for month after month after month, the administration and the vice president, president all said that inflation was transitory.


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“They kept saying it until we hit a 40-year high of inflation.

“It wasn’t a trick question, but her answer was incoherent and rambling.”

The comments come as Republicans grow increasingly confident they can retake the Senate and the House in November’s midterm elections

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