Fuming driver vows to taking firm to court after getting £100 fine for parking in her OWN SPACE when permit 'slipped'

A FUMING driver has vowed to take a parking firm to court after getting a fine for leaving her car in her own space.

Laura Armstrong, 32, was given a £100 fine for parking in her designated spot in an underground gated car park at her apartment block in Worcester on July 19.

She thought once she explained her permit had slipped out of view from her dashboard and she had a legal right to park there that the fine would be revoked.

But Parking Control Management Ltd – who manage the car park – refused to back down and have insisted Laura pays up as the permit was not displayed properly.

She is prepared to take the legal battle to court as she believes they are in the wrong.

Laura, who works in marketing, said: "My permit accidentally slipped from my dashboard and I went down to my car the next morning to find a £100 charge.

"I thought that once I explained I was the owner of the apartment that the parking space is attached to, the charge would be revoked – but I was wrong.

"They came back and said no, it wouldn't be cancelled. I got in touch with the firm who manage the apartment and they weren't interested either.

"It doesn't matter to them if you can prove you have a legal right to park there – which just seems like madness.

"I was occupying the space which had been allocated to me and I wasn't causing an obstruction or anything like that.

"It's like they are out to punish residents rather than look after our interests and protect genuine permit holders. It just isn't right.

"The permit had just slipped off the dashboard – I thought they would be understanding as it was the first time it has ever happened, I thought they would have a heart."

Laura said the same thing had happened to other residents who park their cars in the same area.

She said: "Some people have said to me why don't I just pay, and let it go. But I don't want to give them any money.

"Most people back down when these companies start talking about bailiffs and things like that but I'm not going to.

"I'll go to court if it goes that far. I'm really angry this is allowed and I will be seeking legal advice from a solicitor if they refuse to back down."

Laura said there is no mention in her lease agreement of any need for permits in order to park her Toyota Aygo in the car park.

Laura added: "Outside the flats there's constantly people parking in residents' spaces on the street, if anywhere needs patrolling by a traffic warden its there.

"Yet they send wardens into a gated underground car park which non-residents can't access anyway to fine genuine permit holders. It's like they are out to get us.

"We don't pay any extra on top of our rent to park here. The permits were just left behind by the last residents and I can't see any mention in the lease agreement about them anyway.

"I've asked them to legally prove they are in the right but strangely enough I haven't heard back from them since.

"There's definitely something a bit dodgy going on."

Parking Control Management Ltd have been contacted for comment.

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