Furious residents leave THREE notes threatening to ‘kick & punch’ neighbour’s ‘s**t’ car with alarm going for ‘10 hours’

ANGRY residents have blasted a driver for keeping them up all night – after a car alarm sounded on their street for "10 hours" straight. 

Neighbours living in Lansdowne Place in Brighton, East Sussex, left three furious notes on the black Audi when they woke up – threatening to pummel it for revenge.

One local threatened to "kick and punch" the vehicle in a carefully typed out message stuck to the windscreen.

Another insisted "nobody is breaking into you s**t car" in a baffled response to the piercing alarm.

The typed out letter, delivered on Thursday morning, read: "Hello, please can you repair the faulty alarm on your vehicle?

"It’s been going off the whole night and must have kept a lot of people awake. 

"It certainly kept me awake and now I’m sleep deprived and angry."

It added: "It’s lucky I’m mature enough to understand that you are probably not aware of the audio pornography your vehicle has defecating into the clean air for the last ten hours. 

"Otherwise there’s a strong chance I would have relentlessly kicked and punched this hunk of a tin in revenge (and taken great pleasure in doing so)."

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James Chapman, who lives nearby, said he was woken by the car’s high pitched sound at around 5.30am – but his wife was kept up all night.

The 48-year-old spotted the furious notes when he went to move his car in the morning – and in a desperate bid to get the car moved, posted a picture on Facebook. 

He told The Sun Online: "I saw these notes and thought it was hilarious. 

"I thought putting it on Facebook might help track down the owner so that they could maybe come and switch it off. 

"It’s just one of those piercing little noises that gets inside your head. It’s on then it’s off for a while and you think it’s stopped then it’s on again. 

"It was just on that cycle the whole night – probably for about 10 hours."

James said the car had a resident’s permit so he phoned the council to ask if they could contact the driver. 

It has since moved to a nearby street. 


The dad-of-two, whose one daughter busks for charity in seaside city, added: "It’s not the kind of place where you get much going on – that’s probably what freaked people out even more."

Facebook users were quick to comment on James’ post, with one former resident saying car alarms were "always going off" when she lived on the street. 

Another disgruntled neighbour wrote: "I can hear this Audi every day."

A third added: "I love the fact that someone typed it out, printed and sellotaped to window – they’re very professional."

A spokesperson for Brighton and Hove council said: "This was reported to us yesterday afternoon.

"By the time one of our field officers got there the car was no longer there."

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