Gas cookers make your kitchen more polluted than major cities, new study claims

A shocking new study has found that cooking with gas hobs is worse for your health than living in a polluted city.

Gas stoves are the preferred method of choice for many, thanks to their ability to heat up much faster than electric stoves.

But they also produce large amounts of nitrogen dioxide, and particulate matter, the same stuff that makes up fumes from cars.

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Exposure to the gas irritates the lungs and can diffuse into the blood which overtime increases the risk of heart disease and Alzheimer's.

Now a new study has found gas stoves to be more dangerous than previously thought, with their use in kitchens causing a spike in emissions which at their peak are far higher than levels found on a busy city street.

In the study, conducted by Imperial College London, children went to school wearing backpacks equipped with air pollution monitors.

Professor Frank Kelly, who headed up the study, said: "Many of the children were actually exposed to more pollution at home in the evenings, when one of the parents was cooking, than what they actually were seeing on the way to school."

Meanwhile a separate study found that one in eight cases of asthma in children are caused by gas cookers.

Prof Kelly says this is proof that gas stoves are a "major source of indoor air pollution."

"If the household has got an asthmatic child, they will have more symptoms than if they didn't have a gas stove," he said.

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The problem is much worse in homes that are smaller and have low ventilation.

Prof Steffen Loft from the University of Copenhagen said: "One could argue the risk associated with a gas stove is likely to be larger than living in a polluted city."

The impact of gas stoves on the environment is also less than ideal, and the UK government has said that by 2025, no new homes will be built with fossil fuel heating, which would include gas stoves.


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