Gates hits back at ‘crazy’ conspiracy theories ‘People yell at me that I’m tracking them’

Bill Gates reacts to conspiracy theories

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Bill Gates commented on covid vaccine conspiracy theories and said people yell at him in the street and insinuate that the billionaire Microsoft co-founder has financed vaccination to track people. Mr Gates said “you almost have to laugh because it is so crazy” to believe he would have an interest in following people’s movements and actions. He however warned, “those crazy theories cause people not to want to get vaccinated or wear a mask.”

Speaking to Mr Gates, BBC Radio 4 Today journalist Mishal Husain said: “You also found yourself, unpleasantly and I don’t know how much you think about this, at the centre of a whole series of conspiracy theories.

“Nasty stuff whether it’s Covid or trafficking of children.

“What is the effect on you of knowing that stuff is out there?”

Mr Gates responded: “In some ways, you almost have to laugh because it is so crazy.

“I mean, do I really want to track people?

“I spend billions on vaccines and I don’t make money on them.

“Vaccines save life.

“They don’t cause that.

“So you have to say it is a bit of a strange world where there are channels with a lot interest.

He confessed: “Only recently I have been out in public, and some people yell at me that I am tracking them.

“That’s an awful thing.”

Ms Husain asked: “You have that on the street? 


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“People recognising you and yelling that?”

Ms Gates said: “Yeah, and you know it is not somebody that I really had any reasons to want to track.

“I still maintain a sense of humour about it.

“But those crazy theories cause people not wanting to get vaccinated or to wear masks”. 

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