Ghislaine Maxwell to apply to transfer to UK prison after three years

Ghislaine Maxwell will apply to transfer to a UK prison after three years to be nearer her family

  • The British socialite will have to serve the first three years of her sentence in US
  • She can then apply to be transferred to the UK to be closer to her family
  • The convicted sex trafficker was given a 20-year jail term in New York yesterday 

Ghislaine Maxwell will apply to be transferred to a British prison after serving three years of her sentence, a source has claimed.

Under US law, the convicted sex trafficker has to spent the first three years in the States but can then apply to move closer to her family.

A source told the Telegraph that the 60-year-old, who has British, French and US citizenship, will make the formal application to serve the majority of her 20-year sentence in the UK.

Ghislaine Maxwell will apply to be transferred to a British prison after serving three years of her sentence, a source has claimed

Isabel, Kevin and Christine Maxwell appear at the US District Court in New York yesterday for Ghislaine’s sentencing

She has already been held in detention for two years which a judge may consider as time already served.

The convicted trafficker is expected to appeal her conviction. 

Maxwell’s siblings have consistently remained united in support of their disgraced sister throughout her trial, blaming Jeffrey Epstein for ‘sucking her into his web’ and criticising the conditions she was subjected to behind bars.

Speaking outside court yesterday, her brother Kevin said they had nothing to add to the ‘heartfelt statement’ Ghislaine made in court and confirmed she would be appealing her conviction and her sentence.

Kevin said: ‘Ghislaine will be exercising her right to appeal her conviction and sentence and we the family will be solidly behind her all the way.’

Minutes earlier Ghislaine’s lawyer Bobbi Sternheim issued a statement outside court and said: ‘Our client Ghislaine Maxwell has been vilified, pilloried and left little room for her to be treated fairly because even before she stepped forward into this courthouse, she was being tried and convicted in the court of public opinion.

Robert Maxwell (back row, centre) pictured with his wife Betty (sat with youngest daughter Ghislaine on her knee) and seven of their eight children at home in Headington Hill Hall, Oxford. When this photo was taken Ian (5) was 11 years old, while Isabel, then 17 (4) was at grammar school with sister Christine (3), and youngest son Kevin, 8, (6) was at preparatory school. Second oldest son Philip, (1), had entered his second undergraduate yer at Balliol College, Oxford, while Anne (2) was also studying at the university, but at St Hugh’s College.

‘Ghislaine will appeal this case and we are confident that she will prevail on appeal.’

The family have appeared either together or individually throughout her trial and stood by her in a determined gesture of family support, despite the risk of tarnishing her own reputations by not condemning her over her relationship with Epstein.

Ian Maxwell has argued his 60-year-old sister has been wronged by the US justice system and is set to spend decades behind bars because of ‘unsubstantiated allegations’.

He maintains his sister’s innocence and says she could’ve fled to France – a country which has no extradition treaty with the United States – but decided to stay in the UK and face authorities because she has a ‘clear conscience’.

Writing in the Telegraph, he said: ‘I believe her when she says that she has committed no crime whatsoever and, apart from the fact that I believe her because I know her so well, the fact of her staying convinces me even more.’

In January, Ian said he did not believe Ghislaine would ‘flip’ and help prosecutors convict others close to Epstein.

Speaking to Sky News shortly after she was convicted, he said: ‘The prosecution has said that they have never made her any offer and she has never made them any offer. I don’t think that’s going to change.

The siblings of convicted child sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell have maintained their support for their ‘beloved’ sister as she was sentenced for crimes they say she didn’t commit. Pictured: Kevin Maxwell and Isabel Maxwell speak to reporters outside the courthouse after the hearing

‘I don’t know what Ghislaine has to say about anyone else.

‘Her position is she did not participate or was aware of these terrible activities, so her logical position must be that’s to be continued. Therefore why is she suddenly going to start producing names or who knows what. I don’t think that’s going to happen.’

Ghislaine’s trial was just the latest chapter in the roller coaster history of her family, once headed by her crooked publishing tycoon father Robert Maxwell.

Her father who owned the Daily Mirror died aged 68 in November 1991 after he tumbled into the Atlantic from his luxury yacht Lady Ghislaine – named after his youngest daughter.

His family were left to pick up the pieces of his shattered business empire after it emerged that he had embezzled hundreds of millions of pounds from his employee pension funds.

Ghislaine and the surviving siblings had to live in the shadow cast by the legacy of his death which is still regarded as a mystery.

Kevin, 62, became the UK’s biggest ever bankrupt when a £407million order was made against him in 1992 due to his role in his bullying father’s business.

He and Ian, 65, who had assumed control of their father’s companies stood trial for their alleged part in his £460million pension fraud.

They were acquitted in 1996 after an Old Bailey trial which cost taxpayers £12million, although their family name was besmirched for many years.

Kevin, Isabel and Christine Maxwell walk outside the courtroom after the guilty verdict

Ghislaine’s sister Isabel and brother Kevin attended court, while brother Ian repeatedly criticised her prosecution and the conditions she had endured in custody while on remand

Isabel, 71, earned a fortune with her twin sister Christine from early technology companies, but ended up being made bankrupt by a British court in 2015.

Her personal life was also hit by tragedy in the same year when her third ‘husband’, illusionist Al Seckel, died in a suspected fall near their home in France.

The couple had reportedly wed in Malibu in 2007, but their marriage was described as unofficial due to him still being legally married to his previous wife.

Isabel described how she dealt with challenges in life in an interview in 2006, saying: ‘I have learned not to run away from bad times.

‘Personal tragedies and loss connect you to what is happening in this world…I am a survivor with an innate fire that doesn’t allow me to be destroyed.’

She also described her close bond with her siblings, revealing how she grew up ‘completely in sync with the family’ and ‘when something got to her siblings, it got to her too.’

Kevin, Christine, Isabel Maxwell, and Ian Maxwell, brothers and sisters of Ghislaine Maxwell, arrive at the court in New York on Monday

Isabel was Ghislaine’s only family member to attend every day of her trial, and she sat just yards away from her in the public gallery, waving at her in gestures of support.

She became a familiar sight walking in and out of court every day, wearing one of her trademark berets to ward off the chill of the New York winter.

Kevin was in court for several days when he sat beside Isabel, even featuring with her in artists’ impression drawings of Ghislaine in the courtroom.

He spoke to reporters outside the Manhattan court to complain about the conditions she was having to endure during the case.

Kevin claimed that she was being inadequately fed and forced to wear shackles while being taken to and from court which had left her bloodied and bruised.

Robert Maxwell with his ‘favourite’ daughter Ghislaine watching the Oxford vs Brighton football match in October 1984

Robert Maxwell pictured speaking to the press and at the Football Writers’ Association in 1990

He confirmed that he had asked the US Attorney General Merrick Garland to intervene in her case to ensure she received food and was not restrained

Kevin claimed his sister had to be shackled from when she left the Metropolitan Detention Centre until she arrived in court, and then again for her journey back.

He said: ‘She’s obliged to walk up and down stairs, in the shackles, and they hurt her.

‘She’s been bruised, she’s even bled, and you really have to ask yourself in 2021, what on earth are they doing shackling a 59-year-old woman in this way every day when she represents absolutely no threat to the community.’

He added: ‘She’s on trial for her life and she received no food on the first day, she received a boiled egg, she is lucky if it is not mouldy, she receives a couple of pieces of bread, maybe a Kraft slice and a banana or an apple.

‘That is literally everything from 6.30am until 7.30pm when she gets back to the detention centre. It is simply inadequate sustenance.

‘We don’t understand how it is possible that everybody washes their hands of that problem.’

Ghislaine’s other brother Ian was also vociferous in supporting her, and gave interviews where he maintained that she faced an unfair trial, saying: ‘My sister is not a monster’.

He claimed she had been ‘targeted’ for prosecution by US authorities who were ‘fuelled by their shame and fury’ over the suicide of Jeffrey Epstein while in custody.

Ian also hit out at her time on remand, describing it as ‘500 days of effective solitary isolation in that evil place’, adding that ‘she’s weakened, drained and hollowed out’.

Robert Maxwell who had nine children with his wife Elisabeth ‘Betty’ Meynard was known as a tyrannical and bullying father, but he doted on Ghislaine.

In a 1995 interview, Elisabeth talked of how they had recreated her husband’s childhood family who were killed in the Holocaust.

Two of Ghislaine’s siblings had their lives cut short by early deaths while she went on to enjoy a gilded jet-set lifestyle as a friend of Prince Andrew and partner of Epstein before he was exposed as a paedophile.

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