Girl, 7, text dad minutes before fatal plane crash worrying if he was okay

A seven-year-old girl text her dad minutes before the plane he was on crashed – killing all but one of the 27 on board.

Liza Ostapenko, 7, messaged her dad Oleksiy Ostapenko, 28, to say she was worried about him minutes before the plane crash landed.

Oleksiy was second in command on the ill-fated AN-28 and was one of 26 who died in the plane crash on Friday 25 September.

He had received a text from his daughter from the cockpit and replied, “don’t worry all will be good,” adding smiling emojis ten minutes later.

After the plane crashed, reports surfaced suggesting the left engine of a plane had failed in-flight before it came down.

Liza’s mother, Olena, heard about the crash and the little girl tried to comfort her with her father’s recent words.

Olena told TSN: “My daughter told me: ‘Mum, wait a bit, maybe he will reply?’

“She pulled out her phone, and I saw this exchange.

“It's not that I wasn't touched by this… it is more about I had a feeling that she seemed to be anticipating something at that moment."

At 9.15pm, less than an hour after Liza text her father, she messaged him again asking if he was alive.

Sadly for Liza, there was no reply, and her fears were realised as news broke of the 40-year-old plane crash.

Of her husband, Olena said: “This was his profession, his vocation.

"And he did it well, he knew this well. He didn’t know anything except flying.”

According to reports, the explosion was so intense that it is expected to take between two and three weeks for the charred military cadets and their trainers to be identified by DNA.

The crash had one sole survivor, Vyacheslav Zolochevskyi, a trainee pilot, who said it "was like a computer game."

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Mr Zolochevskyi said: "It was like a computer game.

"When I regained consciousness next to the plane, I saw the aircraft on fire.

"There were bodies everywhere.

"I started to extinguish my burning colleague."

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