Golden retriever mistakes owner’s furry hood for a toy and causes mayhem

A mischievous dog has been filmed biting on his owner's furry hood and refusing to let go in a hilarious clip.

Makayla Rogers, from Rhode Island, the US, was planning to take her golden retriever, Grissom, when the pooch noticed her furry hood– and mistook it for a toy.

Home security camera installed at the backyard shows Makayla struggling to pull it away from Grissom.

She tells her pooch: "Oh my God! No one prepares you, for what you do when this happens.

"This is not how I want to go out, Grissom."

The two tussle for the grey faux fur-lined hood until Makayla gives up and lies on the wooden patio, letting Grissom drag her across the floor.

While she is laughing hysterically, her flurry friend decides to take a break and lies down on the floor with her.

But Grissom remains guarded and starts pulling the hood as soon as Makayla turns around.

"Let go of my hood," she says. "He is trying to do it again."

Viewers of the clip, posted by doorbell camera manufacturer Ring to YouTube, were left in stitches and called it "the best thing to watch".

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  • One said: "Oh my God you had my cracking up! He just wants to play!"

    Another wrote: "I had already lost it at 'This is not how I want to go out Grissom,' and then her laugh just made it worse. What a great laugh."

    "The moment the dog lays down with her," a third added. "Like we can lay here all day I'm not letting go."

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