Google Maps user spots person walking around city with gun and sex toy

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A Google Maps sleuth searching a city spotted someone walking down the street with a gun and what appears to be a sex toy.

They were exploring the streets of Russian city of Kolomna, southeast of Moscow, when they made the bizarre discovery.

In the image, a young male can be seen pointing his gun across the street and seemingly clutching the sex toy.

The shot was posted on Reddit, with one user responding: “How did Google not censor that…other thing…in his hand?”

Another said: “The crazy part, is that he’s pointing it at another kid out of shot.”

A third suggested: “Think it's more BBs, looks like he's shooting his brother with an airsoft gun or something.”

Last month, another Reddit user checking out repair shops on Google Maps was stunned after coming across an X-rated poster.

They were inspecting the building in Russia when the decoration caught their eye.

Placed next to a laptop, the image shows a woman lying down while covering her breasts.

It was uploaded to Reddit with the caption: “Found something a little naughty in a Russian repair shop.”

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However, fellow users weren’t particularly surprised by the find.

One responded: “Those posters are in nearly every single mechanic shop in the Balkans, although they are most often calendars from like 10 years ago.”

Another said: “Basically in every repair shop here in Mexico too.”

Back in March,another Reddit user looking at a house on Google Street View joked they’d found a “naked Bigfoot”.

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They were interested in buying the property and decided to check out the garden using the online tool.

In a bizarre Google Maps image, a naked figure can be seen running near a line of trees.

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