Gran whose daughter and four grandkids murdered in arson attack slams killers' lies as she relives three years of hell

A GRAN whose daughter and four grandkids were murdered in an arson attack has slammed the killers' lies as she relived three years of hell.

Sandra Lever has told of her torment after killers Zak Bolland, 26, and David Worrall, 28, were convicted of her daughter's murder last week.

Five members of Sandra's family were wiped out in the horrifying fire – before she was forced to sit through three trials and relive the details about their deaths.

Jurors unanimously agreed the vile killers murdered mum-of-five Michelle Pearson, 37, in an attack that also killed her children.

Both defendants had already been found guilty of murdering Demi Pearson, 14, Brandon, eight, Lacie, seven, and three-year-old Lia.

Michelle died 18 months after the blaze at her home in Walkden, Greater Manchester, in December 2017.

Michelle's son Kyle, 18, survived the arson attack, along with his pal Bobby, who was sleeping at the family's home that night.

Sandra, 59, said: "What made it worse was all the lies they told about it being to do with a feud with Kyle.

“The feud was actually with someone else Kyle just happens to know.

“Bolland and Worrall just told lie after lie in court. It was constant lies all the way through.


“They said all they wanted to do was ruin Michelle’s kitchen. But who throws a petrol bomb into a house in the middle of the night knowing there are children in there?”

"I think they're all monsters. It's just horrible and cruel to do what they did, especially to children.

"It was so cowardly. Five murders should mean they're jailed for life and never let out."

Michelle spent five months in a coma with 75 per cent burns to her body following the inferno – and awoke to be given the devastating news that her four youngest children had perished.

She repeatedly fought back from the brink of death as she underwent countless operations on her infected wounds.

The mum had hoped to be well enough to attend her children's funeral in September 2018 but was forced to stay in Wythenshawe Hospital.

Medics said her condition was finally beginning to improve – but tragically she took a turn for the worse and died on August 25 2019, 20 months after the blaze.

Sandra said she feels "huge relief" at the verdict.

"I was worried they might get away with manslaughter. It was cowardly of them to put us through another trial."

Jurors at Manchester Crown Court saw chilling CCTV footage of the defendants buying beer bottles which were used to create petrol bombs just hours before the attack.

Bolland and Worrall then removed a fence panel from the garden of Michelle's home before smashing a kitchen window.

Two lit petrol bombs were tossed inside at around 5am, with a second "exploding" near the stairs – blocking the only exit to the ground floor and trapping the victims upstairs as flames engulfed the home.

Michelle had frantically scooped little Lia in her arms and ran through their smoke-filled home to the bathroom in an attempt to save her life.

Tragically, she was overcome by the smoke and fumes and collapsed before she could save her baby daughter.

Horrified neighbours had heard her scream "Not the kids! Not my kids!" as the flames tore through the house.

Lia was later discovered in the charred bath tub but she died in hospital two days later.

Her brother Brandon was found lying face down with his head towards the landing followed by sister Lacie, who looked as though she had been following him to safety.

Demi was discovered with her feet on the floor and her hands stretched out to the open window.

In May 2018, Bolland, then 23, was convicted of four counts of murder and three of attempted murder and was handed a minimum 40-year sentence.

His friend Worrall, then 26, was also convicted of the four murders and three counts of attempted GBH and was handed a 37-year sentence.

Bolland's then girlfriend Courtney Brierley was found guilty of four counts of manslaughter and was jailed for 21 years.

But Sandra said she doesn't understand why the sick killers forced the family to go through yet another trial after being convicted of murdering the children.

“I don’t why they chose to do it, putting us through it yet again,” she said.

“Seeing the children’s pictures in court was so upsetting.

“We are never going to be able to move on because of what happened – five people have been murdered.

“But we have got a little bit of closure now. 

“People say the longer life goes on the stronger you get, but we don’t know if we can.

“If someone dies you can get on with it, but when five people have been murdered how can you really move on?”

She now hopes the pair’s sentences – along with that of Brierley – will mean they spend longer behind bars.

All three will be sentenced next month.

“Hopefully, whatever they get will mean they spend longer in prison," she said.

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