Guests 'branded racist' after complaining about refugees at hotel

Stunned holidaymakers say they have been branded racists by staff after complaining about Afghan child refugees ‘running riot’ at Scarborough’s historic Grand Hotel

  • Guests who have stayed at hotel say they were branded racist over complaints
  • Reviews claim Afghan refugee children are ‘running riot’ round hotel unchecked
  • Hotel was the subject of a bomb hoax thought to be linked to arrival of refugees
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Holidaymakers were branded ‘racists’ when they complained to staff about the children of Afghan refugees ‘running riot’ at Scarborough’s Grand Hotel.

Coach-loads of migrant families fleeing the Taliban have been arriving at the iconic venue which was evacuated earlier this week in a bomb scare believed to be linked to their arrival.

Hotel guests say they have every sympathy with the 200 refugees staying there until they find permanent homes – but their children have disrupted their stay and caused havoc.

According to the complaints, unruly Afghan children are running in and out other people’s rooms, screaming and shouting and setting off fire extinguishers,

The unsupervised youngsters were also said to be riding scooters all over the hotel, pressing all the buttons on lifts, causing damage, and ‘intimidating’ guests.

Visitors who complained to hotel workers about the disruption or requested an early checkout say they were stunned to be accused of racism by the staff.

Stunned guests have said they have been accused of being racist because they complained about Afghan refugee children ‘running riot’ in the Grand Hotel in Scarborough (pictured)

Two women from Billingham who requested a cancellation of their £338 stay from booking agent National Holidays say they were warned they would not get a penny back.

One said: ‘Our concern is about safety and leaving things in our room, because of what we read about theft and kids running wild.

‘By no means are we racist – I’ve worked with refugees, and it is not their fault.

‘I totally agree they should have got out the country, but my concern is the company didn’t inform us what the Grand Hotel was doing.’

TripAdvisor for the Grand Hotel, a Grade II listed building which was once the largest hotel in Europe, has been deluged with complaints about alleged conditions at the hotel and the behaviour of the children.

One woman wrote that after queuing for an hour to check in she and her partner went to their room and were shocked by what they found.

The Grand Hotel in Scarborough was the subject of a bomb hoax on Monday which is thought to be linked with complaints over the arrival of a large number of Afghan refugees at the hotel 

She said: ‘On the way I realised there were a lot of people just stood about while hundreds (or seemed like) of children raced around screaming and shouting.

‘After plenty of “excuse me” etc we found the room. After squeezing past folk in we went.

‘P**s up the walls and no quilt on the bed and these said children running in and out of the room!

‘We decided we didn’t want to stay there and headed back downstairs (same carry on as going up!).

‘I overheard people talking angrily about the kids and people just stood about, they were refugees and more buses were just parking up.

‘I didn’t have a problem with this. I just felt we should have been made aware that the hotel would be this “hectic” then we could decide if the noise would be a problem for us.

The Grand Hotel and surrounding buildings, including a Travelodge, were evacuated for a number of hours after the bomb hoax was made as officers had to search the large building 

‘I spoke to the man on the desk and asked for a refund and explained why. He then started shouting at me calling me a racist!

‘I am no racist – I booked the break when the school holidays had ended so it would be quieter!

‘He flatly refused me a refund so we left. We went on to pay £150 to get a room for 1 night then left and went home a day early as we were both worn out.

‘As I was at the desk getting insulted at least three others were demanding a refund for the same reasons.’

Another disgusted guest wrote: ‘The place is full of uncontrolled refugee children, who are absolutely out of control and nobody is disciplining them.’

Another review read: ‘People called racist by the receptionists if they complain. I saw a man getting in a lift after a queue of 30 people.

The Grand Hotel is located on the town’s seafront and was evacuated along with Travelodge 

‘He said to an employee – Why are all these people staying here to which the man who works at the hotel said to him – You are a racist you should not complain.

‘The guest then said “I am paying to be here, so I have the right to complain” to which the employee said – “No, you don’t”.’

The hotel was targeted for a bomb scare on Monday which may be linked to leaflets complaining about the use of the hotel for refugees.

National Holidays said: ‘We appreciate the guests sharing their concerns with us, and do understand that news cycles during challenging times can cause heightened concern and confusion.

‘However, rest assured that we are in constant contact with the hotel, which is operating as normal, and has been welcoming National Holidays guests for many years.’

Britannia Hotels, who manage the resort, have been contacted by MailOnline. 

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