Hairless cat covered in gang TATTOOS is seized by cops

Smooth criminal: Hairless cat covered in gang TATTOOS is discovered alone in Mexican drug baron’s prison cell – after he escaped!

  • Tattooed Sphynx cat which has an inking of a gang symbol seized by police
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A three-year-old tattooed cat that was kept as a prison pet by a Mexican gang has been seized by police in a jail raid. 

The cat, which is a hairless breed known as a Sphynx, is a common sidekick for gang members in thriller films. 

The specimen, which authorities seized by public safety officials after it was discovered in the Ciudad Juarez prison, in Mexico, was branded with the symbol of the Los Mexicles prison gang. 

Its owner, notorious gang leader Ernesto Alfredo Pinon de la Cruz, was shot dead on January 5 after escaping the prison at the new year. 

The unnamed feline is now seeking a new home but has to wait for officials to complete their investigation into the recent prison breaks. 

The cat has a ‘Made in Mexico’ tattoo with a golden eagle, a symbol of the violent gang which has swelled in size since it was founded in 2009 

The nameless cat has two inkings and officials believe that at least one of the tattoos was done without any anesthesia 

Sphynx cats typically fetch between MXN 30,000 (£1,300) and MXN 40,000 (£1,800) locally.

Animal welfare head Diego Poggio told local media: ‘It has a minor ear and eye infection.

‘The issue of the tattoos, as established by our regulations, is animal abuse, as any mutilation or unnecessary marking is considered obvious abuse.’

One of its inkings – experts believe – was made without anaesthesia, while the pet was still conscious.

The tattoos depict a golden eagle with the text ‘Made in Mexico’ – a known symbol of the criminal gang that organised the New Year’s Day prison break.

They believe it was held down by the gang members while the procedure was performed.

Poggio said: ‘It is a situation that causes a lot of stress for these types of animals because they have very sensitive skin.’

Animal officials hope the three-year-old cat – which does not yet have a name – can be put up for adoption in the near future.

However, this can only take place once public safety officials in Chihuahua State have completed their investigation into the January prison break.

Despite a minor ear and eye infection, authorities expect the cat to make a full recovery and will start looking for a new home for it once investigations into the prison break have closed 

The hairless cat is believed to have been the pet of notorious gang leader Ernesto Alfredo Pinon de la Cruz, known as El Neto

El Neto was killed on January 5 during a shootout, following an enormous prison break on New Year’s Day

One of the cat’s tattoos depict a golden eagle with the text ‘Made in Mexico’ – a known symbol of the criminal gang that organised the New Year’s Day prison break

Ten guards were killed in a massive prison break on New Year’s Day when 25 inmates escaped. 

There have been four raids of the facility since the prison break by authorities since the mass escape. 

When they rescued the cat, public safety officials also found a mechanical bull, plasma televisions, industrial refrigerators, speakers, barbecues, and even a pair of trainers worth MXN 19,000 (£840) inside the prison.

The cat is currently in the care of Mexican authorities after it was found during a raid of the prison in Ciudad Juarez 

Officials are hopeful that they will find the three-year-old feline a new home although the adoption process can’t start until their investigations have been completed 

In January, a day after the prison break, officials discovered 21 rifles, 900 bullet rounds, bulletproof vests and drugs hidden in the jail. 

They also found a safe box containing more than a million Mexican pesos (£44,240).  

There is no official record of any of the goods having entered the jail.

Local gang Los Mexicles formed in the border city in the late 2000s and was allied with the Sinaloa Cartel against rivals. 

It has grown to more than 10,000 members and is one of the most violent gangs in Chihuahua. 

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