Halifax mental health walk-in clinic project to resume thanks to government help

A Halifax mental health walk-in clinic program, aimed at helping those who are marginalized, homeless or live with addictions, will soon be back up and running thanks to government support.

The Pause: Mental Health Walk-in Pilot Project started late last spring, but announced it would have to close its doors due to an inability to secure funding past the pilot phase.

But in a Facebook post Friday afternoon, the program announced it has secured support from Nova Scotia’s Department of Culture and Heritage.

The program assists those dealing with issues that range from trauma, anxiety and depression to grief and the experience of social injustice. The project saw over 150 sessions over its eight-month span, with each session 45 minutes long.

“This program allowed those in need to seek appropriate support right in their community,” the North End Community Health Centre stated last month.

“Patients told us that a session at Pause prevented them from seeking emergency support, either through the emergency room or Mobile Crisis.”

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