Halloween-obsessed grandparents welcome hundreds to visit their house of horrors

A Halloween obsessed couple are preparing to welcome hundreds of horror fans into their haunted home for the sixteenth year, as part of their spooky ritual.

William Howson, 67, and his wife Roslyn, 61, say trick-or-treaters queue for hours in a bid to access their annual house of horrors in Scotland.

The grandparents have been adding to their elaborate displays since they first launched the attraction in 2006.

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The haunted house takes over a month to get ready and is decked out with creepy mannequins and ornaments in every room.

Dad-of-four William said they never considered cancelling the event despite the cost of living crisis – and that it’s all about having fun.

Retired carpet fitter, William, who has 17 grandkids and one great-grandchild, said: “We have been doing it for 16 years now.

“We don’t charge people to come in, it’s just all about the fun.

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“We have to start setting up in September, there are hundreds of decorations to get out, so it takes us about seven weeks.

“The decorations are in the hall, the kitchen, the bedroom, the living room and the garden.

“It can be quite awkward to live with all the stuff out, especially in the kitchen when you are just trying to cook dinner.”

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William's daughter Nicola Howson, 28, dressed up as Pennywise while her partner Jordan Brown, 27, was a scary jester.

The couple's son Joshua Brown, seven, went as Chucky and William's niece Colette Boyd, 35, was dressed up as a screaming witch.

Halloween mad William said people come from all over Scotland to see the spooky display.

He said: “People will queue for hours to get in, we have had 600 people in previous years.

“It’s so funny seeing people’s reactions to it, especially the adults who are scared.

“It’s funny to see adults terrified and running out the door.

“Our neighbours all know what to expect now.

“We are the Halloween house and people will stop by and ask if we are doing it again this year.

“We put up black netting over the window when we start getting stuff out so it’s a real surprise.

“I had a heart attack five years ago and it has been hard this year but I am still going.

"It’s a family affair."


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