Hamilton elementary school students create winning World Water Day artwork

Students at a Hamilton elementary school are celebrating their success in the city’s second annual World Water Day Eco-Competition.

A Grade 2 class at Adelaide Hoodless Elementary School created the winning artwork in the competition, which aims to teach students about water access and sanitation.

Water Director Andrew Grice says this is the second year that the city is choosing to engage students through the eco-competition instead of an annual walkathon, because it can reach a greater number of students in Hamilton.

He added that the students’ entries focused on the City of Hamilton’s flushables and “three P’s” campaign, which has generated a lot of discussion since it was launched in November last year.

“We really tried to pick something a little off the wall. We’re really trying to get people talking, and I know I’ve heard some comments, both for and against it, but really, that’s what we’re trying to achieve. As long as people are talking about it, and realizing that there is an impact that they can have on our environment, that’s the ultimate goal.”

Principal Nanci-Jane Simpson says the students at her school had a lot of fun creating their contest entries while also learning how to be responsible with their water use.


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The grand prize in this year’s competition is a water fountain and bottle filling station, which Simpson says will help the school’s 460 students drink more water and fewer sugar-based beverages.

“We’re really trying to push hydration for all of our kids, steering them away from sugary drinks and pop,” said Simpson. “Our building gets very hot in the summer, so this is going to be a great way for them to refill to stay cool.”

More than 1,700 students at 34 Hamilton schools took part in the competition.

World Water Day was established by the United Nations in 1993 to highlight the importance of fresh water and having access to clean drinking water.

The grade 2 students’ winning entry in the City of Hamilton’s World Water Day Eco-Competition. (Lisa Polewski / 900 CHML)

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