Harry and William’s peace talks at Prince Philip’s funeral were ‘doomed to fail’

Prince Harry knew he was about to accuse his father of "total neglect" when they spoke at Prince Philip's funeral, claims a royal expert.

It meant the Duke of Sussex's "peace talks" with Prince Charles and his brother Prince William were "doomed to fail", Phil Dampier told the Sun.

This week Harry made new bombshell allegations in the documentary The Me You Don't See, claiming the first-in-line to the throne left him to "suffer" amid "total neglect" for his mental health.

Mr Dampier said Harry "must have known" what he planned to say about the royals for months before the programme was released.

He said: "It means any attempts there were after the funeral to have meaningful peace talks were pointless and doomed to failure.

"The royals will be dismayed and Charles and William will be tearing out what's left of their hair."

He added: "It just seems to be another day and another whinge.

"We need to be respectful of Harry's mental health, of course, but you do wonder – when he is going to stop? How much longer he can do this for?"

Harry said in the documentary that Prince Charles didn't "make it right" for him and brother Prince William after their mother Princess Diana's car crash death in 1997.

He admitted turning to booze and drugs in his late 20s and that he was furious at the public outpouring of grief for Diana when he was a child.

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His revelations also include being convinced the media "will not stop" until his wife Meghan Markle died, and that she resisted suicidal thoughts because it would be "unfair" on him to lose another woman in his life.

Mr Dampier expressed doubt if Harry will now ever come back to the UK despite plans for him and his brother to unveil a statue to their mother this summer.

It comes after Oprah Winfrey was left surprised at just how involved Prince Harry got in the production of The Me You Can't See.

The Apple TV+ show focuses on the Duke of Sussex's battle with his mental health.

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The pair spoke to Good Morning America presenter Robin Roberts about exactly what went into making the show.

Oprah said: "I would have to say that Harry was in every meeting, he was there on Zoom usually before I was and turning in his notes before I did. And I was like, 'Oh! Harry turned in his notes'."

Then Harry teased her that it was worth the effort after all.

"I didn't know that it was a competition," he joked. "Now that I know, I'm very glad I did."

Oprah said: "One of the things Harry and I wanted was to have people understand that mental health is on a spectrum and we are all on the spectrum.

"Everybody wants to be heard, everyone needs to be seen."

The Daily Star has contacted Harry's representative for comment.

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