Harry lookalike ‘worried for safety’ after Duke’s Taliban kill count claim

A Prince Harry lookalike has claimed he is "worried for safety" after the real Duke publicly revealed his Taliban kill count.

The Duke of Sussex went on record to claim he had taken out 25 "chess pieces" during his two tours of Afghanistan in an interview promoting the release of his autobiography, Spare.

But his revelation, made in among a series of bombshell allegations in his memoir, Spare, has seen one impersonator of the Duke fear for his life.

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Rhys Whittock has admitted that his concerns for the safety of Prince Harry have soon turned to worries over his own safety.

Speaking of the worrying development, Whittock, a Prince Harry impersonator, said: "I started to feel uneasy when I heard that Harry was talking about his time in the army.

"My mother texted me, and it left me with goosebumps. It just said: 'Because of Harry's admission into the army, he is now a target. You need to wear glasses in public."

Whittock, who claims to be mistaken for the royal "every single day" has revealed he worries when a "sudden increase in security threats" is levelled at the real Duke.

The Duke impersonator has since said that the memoir should have been "run past British security" before it was released.

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Whittock said: "Experts agree it was a mistake to release this information. "He has put himself and his family in unnecessary danger.

"I think his memoir should have been run past British security first. It's odd that it was never done, because he'll need extra security in the UK in the future, such as at the coronation this year."

Whittock was said to have looked the spitting image of the controversial royal, winning a lookalike contest hosted by EasyJet.

Of 3,000 applicants, Whittock was voted the winner by a panel of expert judges, NDTV reported.

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