Harry says royals will never give ‘genuine apology’ after ‘hard’ funeral talks

Prince Harry wanted a "genuine apology" from his family but is now "moving on" with wife Meghan Markle.

The Duke of Sussex said difficult conversations were had when he went back to the UK alone for Prince Philip's funeral in the Spring of 2021, closing the door on any hope of a genuine reconciliation.

Asked what it was like to return to the UK and face his family, Harry said: "It was hard.

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"Especially spending time, having chats with my brother and my father, who were very much focused on the same misinterpretation of the whole situation.

"None of us really wanted to have to talk about it at my grandfather's funeral, but we did.

"I've had to make peace with the fact that we're probably never gonna get genuine accountability or a genuine apology.

"My wife and I, we're… We're moving on. We're focused on what's coming next."

Harry and Meghan didn't specify what they wanted an apology for, leaving some fans more confused than they were before.

However, others were more generous in their support for the couple.

"Good for them," one tweeted.

"We usually just read/hear about the other side. It’s refreshing to hear his side.

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"I’m glad Harry is not the whipping boy anymore so Will can be protected."

Another added: "They were meant to be together, and in the end… 'Love wins!'"

But others weren't convinced by the declarations that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were truly moving on, citing the couple's myriad public interviews, podcast episodes, books and now the new Netflix documentary as evidence that the pair were stuck in the past.

"[You've moved on] until your book comes out and we will do it all over again," one Twitter user observed, while another chimed in: "I doubt they are moving on."

Harry and Meghan also made headlines when a text from Prince William seemed to send the couple into a tailspin.

In one of many damning moments for the Prince of Wales, Meghan Markle is heard cutting short a conversation with friend Tyler Perry, announcing: "Wow. H just got a text… H just got a text from his brother."

A despondent Harry then told his wife: "I wish I knew what to do," while Meghan responded: "I know. Let’s take a breather. Get some air and then decide."

The scene was quickly glossed over and the content of the text was never revealed.

But the brief moment seemed to show that the brother's fractured relationship was past the point of repair, with Harry's fear of his brother laid out for all to see.

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