Harry Styles fans queue for hours outside Marvel Stadium for merch

A snaking queue of Harry Styles fans looped around Marvel Stadium on Thursday to buy merchandise ahead of the star’s Melbourne leg of his Love On Tour concert.

Fans have taken time off work, ditched school and travelled thousands of kilometres to sit in an hours-long line to buy fan t-shirts and tote bags before Styles performs at the stadium on Friday and Saturday night.

Sophia, Mike, Rhiannon and Lauren Rogers from the Northern Territory line up for Harry Styles merchandise outside Marvel Stadium. Credit:Paul Rovere/The Age

The line was predominantly made up of young women, with a few men and parents dotted among them, who were ready to spend hundreds at the store.

Near the front of the queue was the Rogers family, who have flown from Nhulunbuy in the Northern Territory – nearly 3000 kilometres – for the concert.

Daughters Sophia, 15, and Rihannon, 13, sobbed on Christmas Day when their parents, Lauren and Mike, surprised the girls with Harry Styles concert tickets.

“I love him because he speaks up for people, and says to treat people with kindness. He has a loving, nurturing personality,” Sophia said.

Lauren said her daughters converted her and Mike into Styles fans, just as they had done to the girls with the Foo Fighters.

The family, who arrived on Wednesday, will attend the concert on Friday and head home on Sunday.

“There’s a lot of honesty to his music.”

Andreana Gameras, 21, was at the front of the line, arriving at 7am on Thursday to get first pick of the merchandise.

It’s more than being a fan of the music for Gameras, who met her friends Jessica Foote, 16, and Alannah McMillian, 18, through their respective online fan accounts dedicated to Styles.

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