Hartley-Brewer surprised as Ukraine MP says ‘nuclear backpack’ ready

Ukrainian MP Kira Rudik says she is 'prepared' for a nuclear attack

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Kira Rudik explained that she and her family were taking Vladimir Putin’s threats of unleashing a nuclear weapon on Ukraine seriously. The Ukrainian MP explained that she had a “nuclear backpack” under her stairs, and was ready with a set plan on how they would clean themselves up and escape on foot from the centre of the attack. Ms Rudik comments come after the Russian dictator ran military drills, in order to simulate a nuclear event.

Ms Rudik told Talk TV host Julia Hartley-Brewer: “So I want to be very clear I think we should take Putin’s threats seriously.

“And I take it very seriously, personally my family and I, we are getting ready for whatever may or may not happen.

“I have the nuclear backpack under the stairs, so with everything necessary to survive if there would be an attack.”

Mr Hartley-Brewer said: “Wow.”

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Ms Rudik added: “And to live for a couple of days, and then be able to walk cleaning up yourself but walk from the centre of the attack.

“We need to make sure that we’re properly prepared, and there are steps made to prevent that and these steps are not just threatening Putin saying ‘oh if you will attack, something bad will happen to you.’

“This is not something that worked with Putin any time before, and I’m so surprised that leaders of the free world are still thinking that the threads are working with Putin.

“So giving Ukraine additional airforce protection systems will increase our chances of intercepting the missile that may be carrying a nuclear bomb.

“Giving us fighter jets will increase our chances to inspect and protect ourselves from the nuclear attack.”

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This week Putin conducted nuclear test drills in order to simulate a nuclear attack.

He has been accused by Western military experts of nuclear sabre rattling, while others claim that his threats could be genuine.

Major General Chp Chapman has warned that Putin could escalate: “We have seen this before, so it happened prior to February 24.

“With the notion that 150,000 troops are on the border, there could be nothing but a provocation.


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“There is an old Soviet refrain that went in 1938, why are there so many troops in case of a provocation? What if there is no provocation? How could there not be with so many troops?

He added: “So they are setting the agenda for an escalation if they wish to do so.

“And in the second part of this, is the informational, so rather like Lawrence of Arabia, they’re trying to arrange the minds of the enemy.

“Then of their own nation supporting them, then of the minds of the enemy nations awaiting the verdict, and of the neutrals looking on circle upon the circle.

“That is what they’re trying to do, it’s part of this notion of scaring people by the nuclear extortion to try and get those who are moralists who see this as aberrant, which would be to try and engage in diplomacy and thereby cement the gains which Russia has had.

“Realists would say that all wars end, now is not the time, and strategists like me would say that there can only be diplomacy after Ukrainian victory.”

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