Hastings woman pleads guilty to incestuous relationship with brother

A Hastings woman in her 30s has pleaded guilty to committing incest with her brother.

Appearing before Judge Bridget Mackintosh in the Hastings District Court, the woman was granted interim name suppression, which was not opposed by police.

Her lawyer Darren Foster entered the plea to a charge of incest between a brother and sister both being over the age of 16 and knowing each other to be related.

It’s a charge that carries a maximum penalty of 10 years’ jail.

A summary of facts states the woman and her brother were born to the same biological parents, but the siblings were raised by different caregivers.

“Despite not growing up in the same household, [both] were fully aware of the fact they are biological brother and sister.”

They formed a relationship, knowing they were related.

Despite family members “discover[ing] their relationship and challenge[ing] them about it”, the relationship continued.

In explanation, the woman stated “I know it’s wrong and I’ve made a mistake”.

The woman will be sentenced in November.

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