Heart-stopping moment driver finds huge huntsman spider under car door handle

A man’s "worst nightmare" was caught on video when he found a venomous spider lurking under his car door handle – moments before he would have touched it.

In a clip he uploaded on TikTok, Australian man Lachie cautiously looks at his car.

There is apparently nothing out of the ordinary but when he ducks down and points the camera up a giant spider is crouched under the door handle.

It appears to stare at him with its eight beady eyes while its brown hairy legs are splayed out.

Narrating the video, he says: "This is the worst nightmare of anyone living in Australia."

Unsurprisingly, the footage went viral on the video-sharing app and has been watched more than 1.2 million times since it was uploaded on Friday, April 16.

Arachnophobes shared their own fears about the eight-legged creatures in the comments.

One joked: "I'd just sell the car."

A second person commented: "This is my worst nightmare and I'm not living in Australia."

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"The car is theirs now, sorry bro," quipped a third.

Other people said fear of spiders was why they lived in colder countries and one even said they "nearly died" after viewing the scary footage.

The huntsman spider has a formidable reputation but it not believed to have inflicted serious harm on humans – although bites do cause swelling and pain.

It doesn't use a web to catch its prey and instead stalks insects, small lizards and frogs, catching them with a combination of stealth and speed.

This comes after a terrified woman found a massive huntsman spider getting "steamy" in her shower.

Another man was caught on video screaming when a huntsman spider suddenly launched itself straight at him.

Meanwhile, a spider fell prey to a monster-sized wasp that ripped off all its legs before carrying away its body away to feed its larvae.

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