Heatwave forecast: Chart shows five-day 29C scorcher as Mediterranean plume sizzles UK

BBC Weather: Drastic change in conditions as weekend to be hot

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A plume of warm Mediterranean air will move northwards as the week progresses, ushering in glorious sunshine across much of the UK, BBC Weather is predicting. This has combined with two pressure systems to send temperatures skyrocketing “above average for most of the country throughout the week, especially for the southern half of the UK”, it said.

And far from emerging overnight, this plume of warm air will gradually heat the UK up over the coming days, it added.

Temperatures will rise from 24C (75F) along the south east coast on Saturday, Netweather has revealed.

Similar temperatures – albeit slightly cooler – are set to be enjoyed across swathes of southern and central England.

Wales will enjoy a peak of 21C (70F) in the south while the hillier north will still bask in refreshing temperatures of at least 18C (64F).

Much of Scotland and Northern Ireland will see a similar trend as the weekend progresses.

By Monday this plume will have enveloped most of the south and into the midlands, stopping just south of Manchester.

Highs are set to peak at a whopping 29F (84.2F) on the Kent coast, although 23C (73F) heat will be seen as far north as birthday.

Wales will bake up to 22C (72F) near Cardiff, while Scotland looks set to experience 19C (66F) temperatures around Edinburgh.

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A similar situation is set to be replicated across Northern Ireland with Netweather predicting 19C (66F) highs across the vast majority of the province.

Netweather’s forecasting chimes with the BBC’s – giving the UK’s sun lovers a reason to celebrate after a washout in August.

Sadly this weather doesn’t look set to remain as we move into mid-September.

The BBC’s long-range weather outlook said that the country will remain caught between two weather systems.

But this time, rather than ushering in warm weather – it may result in wetter conditions, it said.

It added: “By next weekend low pressure will spread more widely across northern Europe and bring a wetter, unsettled, and cooler pattern for the UK into mid-September.

“The weather pattern for the North Atlantic and Europe is at the mercy of Atlantic hurricane activity for the next few weeks, and this is leading to lower confidence in the forecast than usual.”

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