Heatwave to bring flea epidemic with pet owners issued stark warning

With temperatures soaring way past 30C this week, pet owners have been told to check their pets and homes for fleas by a top vet.

Dr Karlien Heyrman, Head of Pets for Pets at Home, said: “If left untreated, long term flea infestations can cause real suffering for pets – including dogs, cats and small furries.

“Repeated bites can be uncomfortable and itchy for an animal, sometimes resulting in hair loss or a secondary skin infection.

“Fleas may also bite humans in the most serious of cases – seeking regular preventative treatment is a sensible precaution for all pet owners.”

Fleas don’t just live on the pets themselves but also on bedding and other soft furnishings around the house.

It is important for pet owners to ensure pet bedding is washed regularly and pets are checked for fleas and bites.

To prevent and remove fleas, Pets at Home has advised all pet owners to:

– Regularly treat all pets in the household with a preventative flea treatment throughout the year

– Check pet’s coat for fleas or flea droppings – brown or black spot

– Treat homes, work places and cars with a household flea spray

– Wash pet bedding regularly at 60 degrees

– Clean furniture to help destroy fleas at each stage of their life cycle

– Vigorously vacuum carpets, floorboards and skirting boards

– Throw away the vacuum cleaner dust bag or empty the canister after each clean

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