Hero Brit joins firefighters tackling Aussie bushfires weeks after transplant

A hero Brit firefighter helped tackle the bush fires in ­Australia just weeks after a kidney transplant.

Alex Newcombe was told by doctors to recover for three months but was not prepared to watch the country burn.

The volunteer firefighter, 49, said: “That’s just what we do. We just get stuck in.”

Alex, who has been putting out blazes with the New South Wales Rural Fire Service for 20 years, got his new kidney from wife Kate, 47, at the end of September.

Alex, originally from Cardiff, added: “I said to the doctors I am only driving the fire trucks for them or they would not let me do it – but I wasn’t.

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“On one occasion we had a massive wall of flame, with very few places to go. I just thought: ‘I need to get us out of here’.”

The fires have wrecked 10million hectares.

The couple have been on the frontline of the ferocious blazes as they live near the of Blackheath, in the Blue Mountains, with their two dogs.

So far, the fires have devastated more than 10 million hectares of land in Australia – larger than the area of Scotland.

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Raging fires have killed 29 people and millions of animals and has swept through 2,500 homes since September.

But he said the rain had helped the blazes.

“We have had a serious amount of rain over the last 24 hours,” he said.

“Up north they got 166 millimetres, we have had about 50 here.

“It has taken the fires down from about 100 to about 35 so it has helped a lot.”

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