Hilarious X-rated banner flown over Leeds claimed by Naked Grapefruit

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A sex toy company has owned up to flying an X-rated banner that left people laughing as they passed the sign about female genitalia.

Naked Grapefruit has admitted that it was the firm behind the move, which saw a giant banner proclaiming: "It's not the hard to find the cl*t."

The hilarious banner was spotted in Leeds, West Yorkshire, last Thursday afternoon and resulted in a bemused response on social media.

But the company says that getting people talking was precisely the point behind the stunt, Leeds Live reports.

Vic, who founded Naked Grapefruit, almost 2 years ago said: "The aim of the campaign is to get people talking about female pleasure. To normalise the topic and make it a part of every day conversation."

The brand had interpreted the idea of 'missing cat posters' around Leeds for people to get involved in the hunt to 'find the cl*t,' with the concept of it not being that hard to find.

Vic added: "The joke was that it is so easy to find."

Vic has birthed her business from personal experience and passions in a bid to reduce the 'orgasm gap' with light-hearted fun, and is is hoping to expand as a company.

Her vision is to build a brand that normalises women talking about sex, she says: "Woman don't orgasm during sex and that's something we need to talk about."

"Men talk about it so why can't women.

"It's something we all do, why be ashamed.

The campaign got lots of people talking, especially the students in Hyde Park area – Naked Grapefruit says it wants to aim its message at young people because the earlier it's put into conversations the more 'normal' the topic is.

During freshers week Naked Grapefruit brought out a campaign hotline for people walking home from Leeds University alone where they could call volunteers who would verbally walk home with the students.

Vic hopes the campaign will make women more confident.

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