Horrifying moment train hits police car with woman handcuffed in the backseat

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Horrifying footage has been released showing the moment a train collided with a police vehicle, while a female suspect was still handcuffed inside.

The Colorado police department released the video which showed one of their patrol cars being struck by the train with 20-year-old Yareni Rios-Gonzalez inside.

In the clip, a Platteville police officer was seen walking around the outside of a police cruiser after they had pulled her over for an alleged road rage incident on September 16.

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She is heard asking officers why she was being stopped and was subsequently removed from her vehicle, handcuffed and put into the cruiser, which was parked on the train tracks.

The cops then left her alone in the car to search her truck before hearing the sound of a train horn blow, signalling it was heading straight for her.

One of the officers was then seen running towards the car and briefly considered trying to move it but determined the train was coming towards them too fast.

Another officer at the scene calls for him to "get back” a split second before the train smashes into the cruiser, dragging it for a few feet before the car slid off into a field nearby.

Following the collision, the officers made frantic calls to get medical assistance to the woman who miraculously survived the crash but was left in critical condition.

She had suffered nine broken ribs, a broken arm, broken teeth and head injuries.

Paul Wilkinson, Ms Rios-Gonzalez's attorney, told CNN that his client saw the train coming before the police noticed it and desperately tried to get their attention.

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He said: "When she was in the back of the car, she was able to see the train coming. She was frantically trying to escape, trying to open the doors, but she was handcuffed.

“I don’t know if they just couldn’t hear her or if they were too busy searching her car, but she saw it coming and prepared for the worst ad as you can imagine, lost consciousness and woke up at the hospital. She’s obviously very upset.”

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation is examining the incident.

Platteville Police Chief Carl Dwyer announced that the officer who parked on the tracks will remain on paid administrative leave until the investigation is concluded.


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