Horror as mum’s beloved dog left with eye ‘hanging out’ after attack on beach

A mum-of-five has been left too traumatised to walk her dog after it was viciously attacked.

Rebecca Chapman, 47, from Ramsgate, Kent, was walking her young Shi Zhu when it was attacked by another dog.

The prized pet, Mr Rupert Bear, had to tragically had to have his eye removed.

The traumatised also revealed that she has been left anxious over the prospect of dog walks in the future – adding that she is now "so wary".

Speaking on the incident, Rebecca told KentLive: "We had just got onto Ramsgate beach and had just gone down the steps.

"I could see the other dog, Rupert was off his lead and as they got closer I reached down to pick my dog up.

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"The owner of the other dog told me that his dog was fine and there was no need to pick Rupert up."

The other dog allegedly "latched onto" one-year-old Rupert's face, and Rebecca believes that the force of him pulling the harness is what led to the tragic incident with his eye.

"I immediately wanted to know who the man was since he told me his dog was fine," she said.

"He walked off the beach and I was left standing there screaming."

The dog owner said she had never seen anything like it and was left in a major state of panic.

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"I couldn't even breathe, I was in such a state," she said.

Unfortunately, the eye could not be saved and had to be removed.

The loss of his eye has reportedly left him 'snappy' and a lot more afraid of the world.

"It just makes me cry all the time looking at him now," heartbroken Rebecca said.

Rebecca has set up a Gofundme page to help cover the costs of Rupert's treatment, you can view it via this link.

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