Horror moment bungee jumper accidentally leaps to her death after forgetting she wasn’t attached to cord | The Sun

THIS is the shocking moment a bungee jumper accidentally leaps to her death after forgetting she wasn't attached to the cord.

Yecenia Morales Gómez plummeted 164ft when she forgot her harness was not attached to the bungee cord.

The 25-year-old was at the Sky Bungee Jumping Amaga, in northern Colombia with her boyfriend for their first ever bungee experience in July last year.

It was reported Yecenia heard an instructor telling her partner to jump and believed the command was for her.

In a desperate attempt to save his girlfriend, Yecenia's partner rushed to her side and started to perform CPR.

But she was pronounced dead at the scene and medical reports later confirmed she had died of cardiac arrest during the fall.

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At the time Gustavo Guzmán, the mayor of the municipality of Fredonia, Antioquia told El Tiempo: ''She got confused. 

"The signal was for the boyfriend to jump because he was already attached to the security equipment.

''They had only put the harness on her so she got confused and rushed.''

During investigations into the lawyer's death, Sky Bungee claimed this was not true and alleged no one else was jumping at the time.

In the days following her death, the company released a statement which read: "It is not true, as reported, that Yecenia Morales Gómez’s jump was due to the confusion of a jump command given to her friend.

"At the time of the accident nobody jumped, neither her boyfriend nor anyone else."

Sky Bungee claimed: "Our protocol is designed for single jumps and with only one person per jump.

"It means that in order to jump a person must finish everything related to the previous person’s jump."

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They added: "In the video that went viral, it shows that the person who jumped earlier has just been recovered.

"This is relevant as it indicates that there was no confusion with any other jump or person."

"The authorities are investigating and our job is to support their work. 

"From the day after the events, we delivered the documentation of our activities to the authorities," they continued.

Yecenia's grieving brother, Andrés Morales, described her as a happy woman who loved to read and dance and had an entrepreneurial spirit.

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He said: ''My sister is a girl with all the best values​​, happy, spontaneous, with virtues that made her love her friends, and helped the people in need.''

She was buried after a ceremony at Simón Bolívar neighbourhood in Medellín, where she lived with her family.

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