Hospital employee skipped work for 15 YEARS unnoticed taking home £464k in pay

A HOSPITAL employee in Italy has been accused of skipping work for 15 years after banking a MASSIVE £464,000 in pay.

Public health worker Salvatore Scumace, 66, allegedly stopped turning up to work at the Ciaccio hospital in Catanzaro in 2005, reports the Telegraph.

Nicknamed as the “King of absenteeism,” he is now being investigated for fraud, extortion and abuse of office.

According to local reports, he was paid continually over a 15 year period, totalling a massive sum of €538,000 (£464,000).

The employee was a civil servant, and was assigned to a job at the site in 2005 when he allegedly stopped working.

The police have also accused him of threatening his manager to stop her from filing a disciplinary report against him.

That manager later retired, and the man’s ongoing absence was never noticed by her successor or staff in human resources.

Six managers at the hospital are now facing charges over their colleague’s alleged absenteeism.

This latest fraud incident comes five years after the government tightened laws against those not showing up to work after several high-profile police investigations found out how much of a problem it was in the public sector.

According to a report in The Guardian, police used secret CCTV cameras to catch 35 town hall workers in Sanremo who had been cheating the time management system for at least two years.

The wives of two of the workers had been using their husbands’ staff cards to sign in for them, while other staff members tapped in before going shopping with friends.

The investigation over this latest fraud attempt is ongoing.

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