Hot weather forecast: Saharan blast to spark 32C heat before lightning storms smash UK

BBC Weather: UK forecast increasingly hot temperatures

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As the week progresses, the mercury will rise before peaking on Friday, with temperature estimates firmly sitting over the 30C mark. “There is very hot air coming from North Africa and off the Sahara Desert through France, which will be baking on Friday”, senior meteorologist Jim Dale explained to

Mr Dale, of British Weather Services, described how “Friday is likely to be the hottest day” across the UK.

The capital will see the hottest readings across the country at 32C, with “around 27-28C in Southampton and Birmingham and similarly 27-28C in Manchester too”.

Mr Dale described how northern regions, including Glasgow, will likely see temperatures in the range of 21 or 22C, with a similar picture emerging in Belfast.

But the soaring temperatures may not be here to stay, he warned as the “heat will be followed by lower pressure across the weekend”.

Mr Dale added: “The prediction models agree that there is a rapid collapse after the short sharp spike of heat, which will bring thunderstorms.

“Such high temperatures are not normal for this season.

“We have seen hotter than this, for example, 35.6C in Southampton in 1976.

“So it is unusual, to say the least.

“But the heat will be in a short sharp blast and then the trough will come probably quite quickly afterwards.”

This comes as meteorological platform Netweather predicts that the “first hot spell of the summer is on the horizon”, with a “plume of heat” bearing down on the UK from the south this week.

The weather forecasting service said that maximum temperatures in London will feel like 26C by Thursday, creeping up even further on Friday to 31C.

On Saturday, maximum temperatures in the capital may even feel like a scorching 34C, the service predicted, with minimum temperatures feeling no less than 26C on the first weekend day.

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BBC Weather foresees similar numbers, putting London’s temperatures on Friday at 31C with consistent sunshine.

The forecaster then predicts temperatures to slip slightly to 27C on Saturday, with thundery showers setting in for the weekend.

Towards the northwest, maximum temperatures in Manchester will still jump to feeling like 32C on Friday, with a minimum of 19C, according to Netweather.

The BBC places the temperatures in Manchester at 26C with sunny intervals on Friday.

The heat will remain throughout Saturday, with temperatures in the city feeling like 33C.

BBC Weather expects temperatures to stay in the high teens throughout the week and through to the weekend for Glasgow, largely rainy and cloudy across the weekend.

But the picture is much brighter in the Welsh capital, with temperatures reaching 29C on Friday with a gentle breeze complementing the sunshine.

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