How many children accused Michael Jackson of sexual abuse, what evidence was there and was he ever found guilty?

MICHAEL Jackson has been accused of sexually abusing a number of children from the 1980s onwards.

We explain how many have publicly accused the King of Pop of abuse.

How many children accused Michael Jackson of sexual abuse and what is the evidence?

The exact figure on how many children have allegedly been abused by Jackson is unknown.

He entertained many children at his Neverland Ranch throughout the 1980s and 1990s.

However, at least six have come forward saying Jackson sexually abused them when they were boys.

Jordan Chandler claims he was molested by Jackson in 1993 when he was 13 years old.

He said Jackson's penis had "distinctive marks".

The child was able to draw the distinctive marks on Jackson’s penis and buttocks – as the legendary entertainer suffered from skin condition vitiligo.

A police investigation was launched into Jackson which included a raid on Neverland and a strip search of the Billie Jean songwriter.

However, the allegations were dropped when Jackson paid the Chandler family a huge settlement reported to be around $23m.

According to numerous reports, including from investigative journalists such as Diane Dimond and Jacques Peretti, the child correctly identified the marks on the star’s penis prompting Jacko to settle.

During the investigation into Chandler's claims police questioned around 30 children and their parents, all said Jackson had done nothing wrong.

Cops also spoke to two ex-housekeepers in the Philippines who had sold a molestation story to the papers but decided their story had no credibility.

Gavin Arvizo claimed he was sexually abused and he testified during Jackson’s trial that the pop star had masturbated him.

Wade Robson testified during Jackson’s 2005 trial that they were never abused.

Fellow accuser James Safechuck also told investigators in 1993 that Jackson had never molested him – however he refused to defend Jacko in 2005.

In 2013, Robson sued Jackson’s estate claimed he was molested for seven years and in 2014 Safechuck did the same.

Both have now detailed the alleged abuse in graphic descriptions in a Channel 4 documentary called Leaving Neverland.

Terry George claims Jackson masturbated while on the phone with him in 1979 when he was just 13.

Michael Jacbshagen claims he was sexually abused in 1997 when he was 14.

Was Jackson ever found guilty?

Michael Jackson vehemently denied the allegations that have been levelled against him over the years.

He was acquitted on all charges during the 2005 trial.

Jackson died in 2009 after suffering a cardiac arrest following a drug overdose.

His estate has also denied all allegations against him.

Michael Jackson’s Estate penned a letter to HBO about Leaving Neverland, reports Rolling Stone.

Part of it says: “The Estate spent years litigating with Robson and Safechuck, and had four different lawsuits by these two men dismissed with prejudice.

“Today, Robson owes the Estate almost $70,000 in court costs, and Safechuck owes the Estate several thousands dollars as well.”

Leaving Neverland director Dan Reed, a British filmmaker, was singled out for failing to contact or interview anyone who could dispute the men’s sexual abuse allegations.

This includes the star’s family, former legal team, or people who had spent time with Jackson during their youth.

The Estate added: “The fact that HBO and its producing partners did not even deign to reach out to any of these people to explore the credibility of the false stories Robson and Safechuck told violates all norms and ethics in documentary filmmaking and journalism.

“It is a disgrace.”

They also sued HBO for £75million ($100millIon) to stop them from airing the documentary, but the broadcaster and Channel 4 have not changed their plans to air it.

His Estate has vehemently denounced the documentary as a cruel "character assassination".

How can I watch Leaving Neverland?

The controversial documentary Leaving Neverland aired on Channel 4 on Wednesday and Thursday this week.

You can watch part one and part two on 4 Catch Up.

The two-part film, made by British filmmaker Dan Reed, contains interviews with two former childhood fans of the Thriller singer who claim they were abused by him when they were children in his enormous California mansion dubbed Neverland.

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