How many children does Peter Nygard have?

FASHION designer Peter Nygard has seven children with four different women.

The 79-year-old Finnish-Canadian fashion tycoon was arrested in Canada on December 15, over allegations that he sexually assaulted dozens of teenage girls and women, prosecutors said.

How many children does Peter Nygard have?

Peter Nygard is a father of seven children, four daughters and three sons.

The three eldest are his two daughters Bianca, Åliå and son Kai.

His other four children are his sons Mika, Jessar, followed by his daughter Scarlet and his youngest girl Xar.

His daughter Bianca lives with her husband and daughter in the Bahamas and is involved with Nygard's business, reported.

His daughter Åliå is also in the business, but lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, while his son Kia lives in Seattle where he studies business.

His son Jessar lives in California, Scarlet lives in Toronto with her mother, and his youngest Xar also lives with his mother at an unknown location, the outlet reported.

Who are the women he's had children with?

Nygard's seven children are from four different women, according to celebrityfamily.

The fashion tycoons three eldest children come from his longtime relationship with Patricia Bickle.

His son Mika comes from his relationship with Kaarina Pakka, a Finnish-Canadian and former airline flight attendant.

Scarlet is from Nygard's relationship with Angelica Szczepaniak, who is Polish born.

And his son Jessar and daughter Xar are from previous unknown relationships.

Has Peter Nygard been married?

In the 1970s, Nygard was reportedly married to an unknown model.

According to celebrityfamily, the couple were married for only three years.

Why did two of Nygard's sons file a lawsuit against him?

In August 2020, two of Nygard's sons filed a shocking lawsuit against their father claiming he hired his sex worker girlfriend to rape his two teenage sons.

His sons, who are unnamed in the court documents, claim they were statutorily raped by their father's "girlfriend," who was described as a "known sex worker."

The complaint stated that the alleged rapes occurred 14 years apart.

The woman allegedly raped the then teenagers at properties owned by father-of-seven Nygard, the document read.

During one incident, Nygard allegedly told the woman to "make a man" out of one of his sons who was just 14 years old at the time.

"Each of the sons has experienced, first-hand, the destruction caused by Peter Nygard's sex trafficking venture and, through their truth, stand for accountability and justice," the complaint stated.

"In addition to trafficking his sons, Peter Nygard lied about the sexual abuse and attempted to intimidate his sons into remaining quiet.

"But plaintiffs, in this case, refuse to be silenced and, following an investigation in the last several months, Nygard's Sons have come to realize the lies and corruption of Peter Nygard, including sex trafficking, intimidation, and destruction of countless innocent victims."

"John Doe 2," the older son was allegedly raped in 2004 at his father's home in the Bahamas when he was just 15, the filing states.

Over a decade later, Nygard allegedly "lured, enticed and transported' the younger son "John Doe 1," 14, from California to his Winnipeg abode in Canada.

The same woman allegedly raped the boy there – who was a virgin at the time – in the summer of 2018, the documents said.

Nygard allegedly paid the unnamed rapist money from his fashion empire, Nygard International.

Nygard has since been indicted on racketeering, sex trafficking and related charges for a "decades-long pattern" of coercing girls and young women into sex acts with him, friends and business associates, prosecutors said.

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