‘Hyper’ pooch left ‘with eyeball hanging out’ after brutal dog attack in garden

An dog has been left traumatised after it was left with one eye following a vicious attack from a larger dog.

The poor pooch, a three-year-old Shih Apso named Ollie, was suddenly attacked when walking with his owner Abigail Cunliffe, 18, to her grandparents' house.

Abigail says the larger dog had managed to get to Ollie through a gap in the fence of the garden they were staying in and described the shocking attack, Manchester Evening News reports.

She says that she and her mother were hysterical when they realised Ollie was being attacked and say they both tried to pry the pooch from the jaws of the attacking hound.

Abigail said: "It was out of nowhere, I heard Ollie yelp and when I looked down I saw the side of his face covered in blood, I was screaming. Ollie was yelping and shaking.

"My mum reacted the same way and we had to pull Ollie away from the dog which was quite hard because it had a bit of muscle. My mum picked up Ollie and all you could see was Ollie’s eyeball hanging out.

“People came running out when they heard me screaming and tried to help me calm Ollie down."

Abigail also said that Ollie hadn't been the same since the attack and had "struggled" during the first few weeks following the attack, which took place in Leigh, Manchester.

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She says that her once "hyper" dog now spends most of his days fast asleep and is scared of interacting with other dogs.

Despite the incident taking place almost two months ago, Abigail says she has come forward with Ollie's story in light of recent news of dog attacks and safety fears.

Abigail is calling for more action to be taken by local authorities, saying: "There's been so many dog attacks recently and nothing has been done about them."

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