I got home to find workmen digging up my driveway without my permission – they claimed they don't need it

AN ENGINEER was left furious after finding workmen digging up their driveway without permission.

The TalkTalk customer rushed home after spotting the technicians repairing wiring underneath their paving on CCTV – and attempting to run a cable right into their house.

The individual, who works as a commercial ethernet engineer, was then reportedly told the workmen had the authority to be there, despite never agreeing to any internet upgrade.

And they are adamant there was no fault on the line, and the labourers had no right to go on the premises at all.

Sharing their fury on the TalkTalk community website, the angry consumer said: "Dashed home as I noticed my CCTV showed workmen on my property that I had no knowledge about, only to be told they are Openreach technicians repairing a conduit beneath my drive – whilst attempting to run a fibre cable into my premises.

"They claimed to have authority and an order number from TalkTalk.


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I found builders digging up my drive without my permission… then they charged ME

"However, I have repeatedly declined all TalkTalk's cold calling sales.

"They wanted me to pay more and upgrade to Fibre to the Premises (FTTP), and blocked their caller IDs to prevent being bothered again and again, [even] after [me] saying no again and again, and nobody taking my word for what type of connection that I choose to have.

"So these guys have actually dug up my paved driveway as they claim the BT conduit which runs beneath was occluded."

In a later post, the punter reiterated that "every bothersome communication and arm bending tactic" from TalkTalk had been refused as they "do not need FTTP bandwidths".

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And they reckon the Wi-Fi provider ignored this and ordered Openreach to "start digging".

The customer then asked who was paying for the "damage" and revealed they were "in the process of obtaining a crime reference number".

"Trust me, it's TalkTalk who will be settling the bill for repairs, loss of access, and damages," they wrote.

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"The zealous commercial behaviour that my post outlines is absolutely disgraceful.

"I have refused all the myriad cold caller TalkTalk upgrade proposals, so what business does BT Openreach have performing FTTP upgrade works on my property?

"There was no fault on the line."

The Sun has contacted TalkTalk and Openreach for comment.

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Meanwhile, a disgruntled homeowner had a similar experience when he returned home from work to find builders digging up his driveway on behalf of Openreach – also without his permission.

Cameron Haward, from Derby, was shocked even further when they billed him for the shoddy works.

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