I rescued a dog from a shelter – he's a good boy, but I got a shock after finding out he’s part wild animal | The Sun

A DOG owner was shocked to realize after his pet started having seizures that his best friend is part wild animal.

Zeus, a wolf-hybrid dog has found his new home with a new owner in Sheldon, Vermont.

Ron Monroe adopted Zeus from a shelter in Rhode Island after his previous owner could no longer care for him.

The four-year-old pup has been living in Franklin County for a couple of months.

Ron said: "You're a good boy and he's living his best life right now, he's doing so well."

Zeus's new owner explained to WCAX.com how he ended up adopting the wolf-dog from the Potter League in Middletown.

Shelter worker Kara Montalbano said: "His former owner could no longer care for him the way he wanted to, and that's why we're here.

"And so we took him and he walked through our doors and we were like, 'Oh, that's a large…dog.'"

According to Kara, the wolf-breed mix is illegal in Rhode Island and so the shelter had to appeal to potential adopters in either New Jersey or Vermont.

"We actually contacted our state vet because we knew they were illegal in RI, and we started doing some research and found that the closes states to us were New Jersey and Vermont," Montalbano said.

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The gorgeous big dog attracted attention on social media and Ron Monroe immediately new "he needed him."

He said: "Whether he was a wolf-breed mix or not, as soon as I saw him I needed him."

Monroe, who used to live in Rhode Island immediately filled out the relevant paperwork and waited for news.

He explained: "And then a few days later, my friend reached out to me and said, 'That's my brother's dog, by the way.'

"And I did not know, and I knew the family. So they had gotten the dog after I moved up here.

"So, he contacted them and told them we want him to have the dog. The whole family agreed."

Zeus was suffering from seizures and was reportedly struggling being in the shelter.

As a result, Ron who was going to pick his new pup up at a later date decided to drive to the shelter immediately.

After the six-hour drive, he picked up Zeus and said: "Oh my God, it was instant love.

"I was like, 'That's it.' I was in awe. The size of him when he came walking around the corner."

Zeus quickly settled in with Ron's older dog Titan and the four-year-old started to climatize to the colder weather.

Ron said: "He loves laying around in the snow, rolling in the snow, laying there he'll just lick it and eat it nonstop.

"If I don't pick him back up, he'll just lay there for hours just laying there eating snow."

Since his move to Vermont, Zeus rarely has seizures anymore and is back to enjoying life.

While Ron is awaiting the results of a DNA test, kennel records show that Zeus is likely 30 percent wolf.

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The pup prefers to howl rather than bark and Monroe added: "This is the best place for him. He's very good."

Zeus has nearly 3,000 followers on Instagram and over 1,700 likes on his Facebook page as people become desperate to see new pictures of the wolf-dog mix.

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