I spent £20k on fillers – trolls say I look like a sex doll but I don't care | The Sun

AN OnlyFans star looks unrecognisable after spending nearly £20,000 on lip fillers in her quest to look more like a sex doll.

Adult model – Fetisch Barbie – admits she is obsessed with plastic surgery, and loves getting cosmetic procedures.

She has reportedly spent around just over £17,000 on fillers alone in an attempt to make her appear more like an inflatable doll.

Fetisch Barbie says she defines herself as a “fetish icon” and endeavours to be a “professional disciplinarian of the male sex.”

“I was told that I look like a blow-up doll so I was sure I was doing everything right,” she said.

“I'm obsessed with plastic surgery and I can't stop getting fillers.”

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The 28-year-old model, whose prides herself on creating a “virtual Fetishworld”, had her first lip filler at 18 years of age.

The adult star, who hails from Austria, said she started going back to the clinic every three months to have the procedure redone.

A year later she underwent a boob job and now regularly gets Botox treatment on her face.

But, the racy influencer stated that she still wants her lips and boobs to be bigger than they already are – and won’t stop until she obtains her perfect look.

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The OnlyFans star said: “People think I want attention, but if I could be invisible for one day and not draw attention, I would.

“So for those who see me and judge me, I would say mind your own business.

“Of course I know I'm an extremist, but I also know that this isn't for everyone and I'm happy with my body now.

“If I don't have to stop, I won't stop.”

Fetisch Barbie added: “Being hyper feminine and turning heads while making this planet a kinkier place is the best thing there is.

“Just looking like Barbie is too old fashioned for me, I'm the special one off the fetish collector's list.

"That's why I live out my fantasy, partake in my fetishes, fulfil fetishes with and for others, and look like Barbie.”

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