I was kicked out of Sainsbury's after a row over their bananas – I was just trying to help | The Sun

A WOMAN has claimed she was banned from her local Sainsbury's after complaining about the price of bananas.

Diana Roffey, 60, said that she had complained about being overcharged and was left "stunned" by the manager's behaviour.

She added that she felt "threatened, intimidated and uncomfortable" when she asked the store to correct the price and is now "afraid" to go back.

The mum of two says this was the first of two times she has been "thrown out" of the store and that she has reported the second altercation to the police.

Sainsbury's dispute that she is banned from any of their branches and have launched an investigation.

The first clash occurred in 2020 when Diane claims she asked a manager to correct the prices of individually sold bananas after she was overcharged.

She claims the manager "harangued" her with an "aggressive look in his eyes", then threw her out when she started to record his comments.

The pair got into it again after she nipped in to the shop to buy a meal deal and reported to staff that some items were misleadingly labelled as part of the deal when they were not.


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She says that both times the manager shouted that she was banned as she was escorted out.

It reportedly left her feeling "humiliated and upset" and she decided to report the ordeal to the police.

A spokesperson for South Yorkshire Police said: "Police received a report on July 11 of a public order offence at a supermarket in Crookes, Sheffield.

"A woman in her 50s reported that she had been subjected to verbal abuse. The investigation has been filed at this time."

A statement from Sainsbury's said: "We are investigating Mrs Roffey’s experience and can confirm she is not banned from any of our stores."

Diana says her complaint to head office resulted in an apology and £30 voucher but she wants more done.

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"You have a guy working there who doesn’t think he has done anything wrong with his conduct.

"They could put him on some training, there’s lots of different options which Sainsbury’s could have done and they appear not to have done it."

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