‘I was punched by Boxpark bouncer Julius Francis – anyone would have gone down’

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A former pro boxer who went three rounds with Boxpark bouncer Julius Francis, just 24hrs before he knocked out a rowdy punter, reckons "anyone would have gone down" after his now viral right hook.

Ex-pro Daniel Cadman came face-to-face with "man-mountain" Francis for a charity exhibition bout to raise money for Mark Potter who is battling cancer.

But less than 24hrs after stepping out of the ring "big friendly giant" Francis found himself facing another opponent – this time a rowdy customer who he helped eject from Boxpark in Wembley on Saturday (June 11).

Former British heavyweight champion Francis, who once fought Mike Tyson, floored the punter with a right hook after he approached the champ in a "confrontational manner".

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Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star, Daniel described Francis as both a "man mountain" and a "genuinely lovely fella".

When asked if he would have gone down if the punch had landed on him he told us: “I think anyone would have, but the guy wasn’t a boxer so, we’re used to it."

Daniel's phone hasn't stopped ringing since the video of his opponent's punch went viral on Twitter.

He said: "Do you know what? I felt for him [Francis]. I do honestly hope he doesn’t get in any trouble for that, because the guy deserved it.

"There's people saying, 'Oh – that was going a bit far', but I don't know what else you could have done.

"He’s gone through the crowd of people over to Julius, and he doesn’t know if he’s got a knife, you don’t know what they’ve got on them.

"Everyone thinks we’re all thugs when we’re boxers, but with the thing we did, you don’t do that if you’re a thug or horrible person."

Reflecting on the charity bout Dan said it was "surreal" to have shared a changing room with Francis.

He said: "He was as good as gold. I didn’t know what it was going to be like, so you have to sort of suss people out when you get in the ring.

"He didn’t go mad on me, I didn’t go mad on him, it was just meant for the crowd to get up, everyone had a good time.

"He didn’t take no liberties with me, we were just there to sell a good ticket and raise a lot of money for Mark."

In the Boxpark video, the man in a blue durag can be seen getting aggressive with Boxpark staff, shoving both them and the barriers.

Towards the end, the man breaks from the crowd and makes a beeline toward Francis with his hands raised. He then gets knocked out.

Analysing the punch, Daniel explained that Francis' "step back and punch" is a basic drill which boxers learn.

"When he’s boxed for that many years, that’s just come natural to him. It’s like instinct," he explained.

Daniel was glad to hear that the Metropolitan Police have dropped their probe into the incident.

Their statement read: "We are aware of footage circulating on social media showing an incident involving security staff and a member of the public outside Boxpark in Wembley.

"The incident took place shortly after 17.00hrs on Saturday 11 June.

"Officers were called and attended the venue. A group had been ejected and one male customer had become involved in a confrontation with security staff.

"Officers have spoken to all parties involved and have reviewed relevant CCTV. No further action will be taken in relation to the incident involving the security guard and male customer."

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