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A BLOKE who bizarrely thinks he is a time traveller has claimed the "biggest event in history" is coming.

Eno Alric, known as "theradianttimetraveler" on TikTok, wildly claims to be from the year 2671.

On his page, he has made a series of bonkers forecasts for the future, warning in his bio that "mankind is on the brink of destruction".

Despite none of his previous predictions panning out, he still racks up hundreds of thousands of views on his barmy posts.

He has now warned of a life-changing event he oddly claims will happen next month.

Eno wrote: ""As you all know, I am a time traveller from the year 2671.

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"There are six of us here, some you may know as they have already gone public.

"I have been giving you all dates to be warned of and you have not been taking it seriously.

"So please, remember this date, it will be the biggest event in history."

He claims the event – of which he gave zero detail – will happen on Christmas Day.

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Eno previously claimed "very big things" will happen on four December dates.

But skeptical TikTok users were left divided by the baseless predictions.

One said: "I know what the event is…. Christmas."

Another added: "Yes I am a time traveller too that date… is Christmas."

A third replied: "If you 6,000 years in the future, then how do you have a old phone and know how to work TikTok?"

Many social media users pointed out that Eno's similar predictions for November never came true.

The supposed time traveller previously claimed that there would be five major events to remember from this month.

He alleged that humans would find new planets, be hit by a tidal wave and be visited by aliens.

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We previously told how a man claiming to be a time traveller from the year 5,000 said he had photographic evidence of the apocalypse.

The bizarre bloke, known only as Edward, insists he was sent to the future after taking part in a top-secret experiment in 2004.

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