‘I’m running the length of Africa – It’s boiling and snakes hog all the shade’

A maverick Brit running the full length of Africa has said the only place to get shade is in bushes full of snakes.

Russ Cook is on a mission to become the first person to run the length of Africa, a whopping 15,000-plus kilometers.

His mammoth task is called #ProjectAfrica and sees him chomp through monster mileage that will see him hopefully complete 360 marathons in 240 days.

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Travelling through 16 different countries the British Forrest Gump is up against some of the toughest conditions on Earth – and at sweltering temperatures.

It will take him through the sweltering Sahara Desert, where temperatures can soar to 47C and rainforests of the Congo as well as a number of mountain ranges.

He’s already had to contend with battered legs, skin falling off, a damaged support vehicle and dodgy food – and it’s only day seven.

What some might say to be the most daunting of all of this though, is the only place with any shade is reportedly snake-infested bushes.

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His Twitter follower count has risen from 6k to 31k since he set out and gave all these new fans a scary update: “35km smashing tarmac so far today. Nothing but snake-infested bushes for shade cover.

“Boys came and met me with the van. Using the door to make shade & protect my ginger skin from getting pieced up.

“Gonna chug a couple litres of the finest h2o and get back on road stomping.”

You can follow his route on his Strava as he chomps through 40k-plus days with relentless energy.

He’s already posted a number of upbeat videos slapping away any concerns he and others might have had – while he’s running of course.

Earlier today the red-head posted another snake-related update, saying: “Was out in the sticks today. Eyes out for snakes. No nibbles yet. Did have a lively 1v1 vs a familiar foe of mine, the sun.”

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