Impaired Stratford driver ‘lucky’ not to have been electrocuted after hitting hydro box: police

A 32-year-old Stratford, Ont. man was arrested for impaired driving after colliding with a hydro box, according to police.

Officials say they received a report of a collision on Maple Avenue in Stratford on Monday, Feb. 3 at 7 a.m.

Police say a black SUV was seen driving off of the roadway, striking a hydro box and launching on top of it.

The hydro box was fully destroyed as a result of the collision and the driver exited the vehicle, wandered in the area briefly, then left the scene of the collision, officials say.

The driver was located on Wilson Court. Police spoke with him, and immediately arrested him for impaired driving.

Police say the driver refused to take a breath sample once he was taken to Stratford police headquarters.

He was charged with operating while impaired by alcohol and refusal to comply with police demands.

Officials say the man was later released from custody, and is scheduled for a court appearance on March 16.

His identity is not released.

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