Inside one of the world’s longest streets where 6,000 residents live in harmony

It’s home to 6,000 people and they all live on the same road – the charming village of Sułoszowa in Poland attracts global attention for its stunning and unusual layout. 

It has earned the nickname “Little Tuscany”, but the truth is this little Polish reality is so unique it is hard to find any other town to live up to the comparison.

Sułoszowa exists on one huge road, but it is in fact a small village in Kraków County, a local administrative area part of the Lesser Poland province, built entirely on one street.

Those entering this village in southern Poland may not immediately realise there aren’t any other roads branching out from the main street cutting through it.

But an aerial view of the village positioned some 29km northwest of the country’s capital, Kraków, provides a one-of-a-kind image – and explains why birds-eye view pictures of Sułoszowa shared in 2020 went viral.

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The main, and only, street is approximately nine-kilometres long and presents homes and all the business venues locals may need clustered on each side.

Beside the short lines of buildings, gold and green fields stretch out as far as the eye can see, forming intricate patchwork.

From above, Sułoszowa resembles a leaf, as noted by Katarzyna Bieda from the Gmina Sułoszowa council – the administrative district including the village.

She told “Sułoszowa is immersed in nature with lots of forests and fields. These fields have made us famous all across the world thanks to drone pictures in which our fields surrounding the main street look a little bit like a leaf.”

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Speaking about the reason behind the village being built on a single road – which makes Sułoszowa one of the longest linear villages in Poland – Ms Bieda also said: “The one street thing comes from the past, when it was easier for people to live on one street, mostly because of road communication.” 

According to Statistics Poland, in 2017 5,819 were living in the village, believed to have been founded in the 16th century by an aristocratic army officer.

Despite being separated from other residential areas by long stretches of empty road, Sułoszowa manages to attract tourists all year round.

And while the aerial view of the village may be what catches the eye of international tourists at first, Sułoszowa has plenty to offer to visitors, Ms Bieda added.

Locals live happily – and tourists love it too 

She said: “Every year, especially in spring and summer a lot of tourists visit our village because of the local landscape and also because of tourist attractions such as the Pieskowa Skała castle or our famous rock called Maczuga Herkulesa [Bludgeon of Hercules].”

While the Bludgeon of Hercules is an impressive 98-foot-tall limestone column, the castle is one of the 14th-century fortifications still standing in the village. Local cliffs, ravines and some 400 caves located in the area are also a major pull for visitors.

But Sułoszowa isn’t just an idea destination for nature and history-loving visitors, as it is also beloved by locals who appear to be living in harmony with one another.

Local shop owner Edyta previously told the MailOnline: “There is a good sense of community here. We have Strawberry Days where we all get together and taste the new crops and play live music.

“We also have Potato Days where we do the same thing. But people like to gossip. And everyone knows everyone.”

People looking to relocate to the picturesque village don’t have to have millions in the bank to buy a property on the humble road, either. 

Estate agents Luxury Estate advertise two houses with ample back gardens for £335,200.

But like in the UK, the houses, the land and the position of each property demands a new figure with Real Estate Lokalizacja offering a more substantial property for just under £800,000. 

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