Inside squalid home of ‘Duck Sauce Killer’ filled with rubbish and dipping sauce

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A man alleged to have shot a delivery rider in New York over a dispute about duck sauce was living in a disgusting flat filled with rubbish – and the condiment itself.

Photographs of the accused 'Duck Sauce Killer’s' flat show piles of garbage and filled bin bags in a chaotic, floor-covering hellhole.

Glenn Hirsch was accused of killing the driver in the borough of Queens and was living in squalor before he killed himself earlier this month.

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CDs, pans, cans and documents can be seen strewn across the flat where the 51-year-old was also understood to stash duck sauce in the fridge.

He was accused of killing Zhiwen Yan, a delivery man for a restaurant called the Great Wall, on April 30.

Dorothy Hirsch, his ex-wife, was also arrested after eight guns were found in her apartment when it was searched.

They were stuffed in a cupboard wrapped in tin foil, the New York Post reports.

Hirsch had tried to clear his wife’s name before he took his own life on August 5.

He said in his suicide note that he had no idea that his ex had the stash of firearms at her place.

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Dorothy isn’t thought to have been there when he died, with the pair having not lived together for many years prior to his death.

Her attorney Mark Bederow claimed that Hirsch had a “unique manner of hoarding” and submitted the images of the grim apartment.

He is said by Bedrow to have hoarded the guns at Dorothy’s apartment and in a similar style to which the guns were kept at the flat, and that it proved she was unlikely to have been the one to put them there.

He argued that the photos of the flat were proof of her innocence.

Bedrow said: “Fundamental fairness requires that you make the grand jury aware of evidence that Glenn stored his possession in the exact manner the firearms were discovered in the closet he maintained at Dorothy’s apartment.

“Glenn’s unique manner of hoarding and his exclusive use of a closet he had direct access to is critical to the ultimate question before the grand jury: Whether Dorothy knowingly possessed several firearms wrapped in tinfoil and plastic which were then placed inside large black garbage bags and large cardboard boxes messily piled on top of each other in a closet containing Glenn’s possessions.”

Dorothy is due to appear in court on August 18.


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