Insta model drugged at Vegas party makes horrible discovery when she wakes up

An Instafamous babe has had a horrible night out after she was drugged while partying in Vegas.

Miami-based Instagram model Danii Banks – who has 8million followers – told cops that although she was drunk at a party, she believes she was drugged because she was "not in her right mind", reports TMZ.

While in this state, Dannii claims a man drove her to her condo in her car while two men in another car trailed behind them, according to the police report.

She discovered her Cartier watch and her Amex card were gone and $5,000 was missing from her bank account.

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Dannii told police that when she came to, she made the scary discovery about what was missing – while her bank accounts were overdrawn. The stunner believes the men were able to access her phone and make two transfers totalling $5,000 were made from her accounts.

Security footage from her condo complex shows Dannii, along with three men, at her front gate, as well as showing the men driving away in a blue Chevy Impala.

Despite the footage, the model told police she wouldn't be able to identify the three criminals.

This is not the first time Danii has had uninvited guests in her home.

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