ISIS bride Shamima Begum doesn’t need help — but liberals who support her do

JUST how full is your reservoir of sympathy for Shamima Begum?

She’s the so-called “ISIS bride” who now wants to come back to civilisation, so she can have a nice life with her baby.

I have to tell you, mine’s looking a bit empty. Just a little bit on the dryish side.

And I was absolutely delighted when the Home Secretary Sajid Javid said she would be stripped of her British citizenship. Good for him. We have been patient with these scumbags for too long.

We put up with them loathing our way of life and everything the country stands for.

We look on indulgently when fellow Brits are blown up or stabbed to death with the inevitable moron scream of “Allahu Akbar”. But maybe we’ve now had enough. Maybe with Shamima, we’ve only just Begum. (Geddit)

Of course, already the liberals are whining that we’re being cruel. We should welcome her home and maybe offer her some counselling.

Up yours. It’s the liberals who need the counselling. Utterly out of step with what most ordinary British people think about this whole business.

When Begum — that’s enough of the Shamima stuff, by the way — left for Syria to join ISIS, she made herself an accessory to mass murder and a traitor to this country.

She had no problem whatsoever with the head-chopping slaughter of innocent people.

It was all for a vile cause in which she absolutely believed — and STILL believes.

She has no regrets whatsoever — she’s made that clear.


It’s just that things didn’t quite work out as she had hoped. ISIS has been obliterated and she’s now in a refugee camp. She ought to think herself lucky she’s not dead.

We’re hoping to send her to Bangladesh, where her family are from.

OK, she wasn’t born in Bangladesh. But that’s where the repulsive creed she believed in has a lot of supporters.

The toxic Islamism which has caused murder and mayhem across the world. On the streets of every European capital, in the USA, in Australia — and here in the UK.

We don’t want people like that living in this country. And the problem is we’ve got thousand upon thousand of them

A belligerent and fascistic ideology which has made much of the Middle East — though not Israel — the horrible mess it is today.

Which spreads murder and intolerance wherever it appears. A repulsive creed for which we should have no respect whatsoever.

Our one mistake was in trying to stop Begum and the rest heading off for Syria.

We should have encouraged them. Maybe even given them free plane tickets and a snack for the journey.

And we should have told them all at Heathrow: “Enjoy the flight. You are NEVER coming back.” Never.


We don’t want people like that living in this country. And the problem is we’ve got thousand upon thousand of them.

Perhaps Begum will be useful to us, in the end. Because it may be with this awful young woman that we’ve finally said: Enough is enough.

We’ve been indulgent for far too long, not realising that it doesn’t work. Indulgence just makes them worse.

Stay where you are, Begum. You gave up a comfortable life in the West to support murderers. This is where it’s got you.

Labour is party of hate

At last, eight brave MPs have got the hell out of the rancid, racist Labour Party.

It was a big step to take – they’ve devoted their lives to the party. But it is no longer the party it was.

It is led by Marxist infants who supported the IRA and still to this day support the appalling “socialist” regimes in Venezuela and Cuba. Morons who call the genocidal terrorists of Hamas their “friends”. Warped individuals who see only bad things in Britain’s history.

And the eight MPs leave a party which is riddled with anti-Semitism from top to bottom.

Led by a man who laid a wreath at the grave of a Palestinian terrorist. And stuck up for a piece of vile, anti-Jewish supposed artwork. And made the salute of the extremist, anti-Jewish, Muslim Brotherhood.

And – oh the list is endless. His excuse on every occasion is to portray himself as a cretin who didn’t know where he was or what he was doing.

Investigations into anti-Semitism within the party were an utter sham. Conducted by the ludicrous Shami Chakrabarti, who was immediately made Shadow Attorney General by Corbyn, so grateful was he for the whitewash.

And incredibly, even after the MPs resigned, Corbyn’s allies were saying they were all funded by “Israeli money”. They can’t stop themselves.

My only problem is why the eight didn’t immediately join the Liberal Democrats. They all believe in a second referendum on Brexit. They are all social liberals. Why form a new pro-Remainer party when there are so many others to choose from?



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Dressed to kill me

Kim Kardashian strikes a pose in an outrageous 'Harness dress' which shows off her curvesCredit: Alamy Live News

I had hoped to show you a photograph of me wearing my new “harness dress”, as popularised by one of those Kardashian people.

But I must have got one a size too small because my moobs split both straps down the front. And also the split down the leg was so tight, it severed off one of my testicles.

But I promise you, one day soon you’ll see the photo. And I hope you enjoy it. In the meantime, here’s the dress as worn by a lady.

Eat rubbish — but move more

British children are the most unhealthy in the Western world, according to a new study.

Little fat lummoxes lying on their a***s all day playing computer games.

Ferried to and fro in their parent’s cars.

And that’s the problem – lack of exercise. It’s not the food they eat. Back when I was a kid I had an appalling diet. Remember Findus Crispy Pancakes and – oooh how I miss them – Toast Toppers?

Biscuits by the packet, sweets by the trolleyload.

And my mates ate exactly the same – and we were all whippet-thin.

Because we spent every moment we could playing football.

Both parents and schools have a responsibility to get the kids moving, playing competitive sports, or just – hell – walking.

Only Fools and Horses

I see the stage show of Only Fools And Horses has had a pretty mixed reception.

Maybe everyone’s just catching up with me, then. I could never stand the programme.

I think Del Boy was the least believable character ever seen on TV. He made Dick Dastardly look real.

I realise this is sacrilege. Akin to saying that the Queen is a tart, Bobby Moore was useless and Henry Cooper was about as good at boxing as a blind amputee.

But there was something about Only Fools and Horses that made my flesh crawl.

Sexist Karl no legend

Deeply disappointed not to have been invited on to any radio shows to give my tuppence worth about fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld. Ah well.

I know you shouldn’t speak ill of the recently dead. But my contribution would have been to point out that Lagerfeld was a woman-hating, spiteful, obnoxious, preening and generally untalented t**t.

Like most people in the fashion industry, in fact.

A poet once said that the death of every man diminishes us.

That’s probably right. But still, I’m not feeling terribly diminished today.

Anything out there?

They're searching for aliens again.

Nasa, I mean. They’ve just launched a new programme to track them down, wherever they may be.

They can’t quite accustom themselves to the idea that there is NOTHING OUT THERE.

The universe is entirely empty of sentient – or insentient – life. It is a vast sphere of nothingness, like the inside of Gary Lineker’s head.

And if there were aliens, I don’t suppose we’d like them much.

Invite them here and there’d soon be graffiti saying: “Purple-headed one-eyed alien b******* go home!”

Best to leave well alone, I reckon.

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