Joe Biden’s doddering, dopey ineptitude now endangers the planet

Bungler Biden

JOE Biden’s doddering, dopey ineptitude now endangers the planet.

Just when Nato needs a united front against 127,000 Russian troops threatening to storm into sovereign Ukraine, the US President effectively tells them he would tolerate a small invasion. Just what Vladimir Putin wants.

“It’s one thing if it’s a minor incursion, and we end up fighting about what we should do,” said Sleepy Joe on live TV.

No wonder his shocked aides, and leaders including Boris Johnson, were scrambled to “clarify” that any invasion would meet a brutal response.

Biden is a liability, blurting out random thoughts because he loves the sound of his own voice. Plus, he has form for total indifference to events abroad.

He couldn’t wait to leave the South Vietnamese to their fate in the 1970s. And last year he hastily abandoned Afghanistan to starve under Taliban tyranny.

He was elected solely because he wasn’t the boorish Donald Trump.

Millions already have buyers’ remorse. Putin, though, couldn’t be happier.

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Cut bills now

CHEQUES in the post? A VAT cut? Whatever the Tories intend to do about the cost of living they must urgently announce it.

Working people are being hammered NOW. Food and fuel have gone through the roof. Energy bills will be next, plus the disastrously timed April tax rise.

Labour have noisily unveiled their plan: A windfall tax on energy giants and a VAT cut. Yes, easier to say in opposition than to enact in office, but still.

Meanwhile ideas are floated by the Treasury, but nothing firm. They must end the paralysis. Cut the VAT, cut the green levies . . . whatever it is, do it.

Before our costs rocket even higher — and Tory polling plummets to new lows.

Turncoat law

WE’RE mystified. Everyone knows a by-election should be held after Christian Wakeford’s Tory-to-Labour defection. Why are he and Keir Starmer refusing one?

Wakeford backed a Bill in 2020 giving voters exactly that right if their MP switches party. How dare he renege on it now? With Tory ratings on the floor, Labour could win it easily anyway.

Why can’t Wakeford’s 2019 Tory voters give their view on his opportunism? Or Labour ones, now saddled with an MP they vilified as a wicked Tory when he was swearily abusing their party?

Fix the law. Give voters a turncoat veto.

Sun you win

IAN Black popped to the shop to buy his Sun and came out £2million to the good.

We can’t, sadly, promise all our readers such good fortune.

But we do always try to enrich your day.

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