Jubilee weekend forecast: WASHOUT as UK parties face thunderstorms and ‘flash flooding’

BBC weather: Jubilee to be warm with some thunderstorms

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The latest weather maps show a band of rain rising northwards through Europe, across France and over the English Channel on Saturday afternoon. This will smash into southern parts of the UK later that evening, with torrential downpours building quickly throughout the night and into Sunday morning. Early during that day, the latest maps from WXCHARTS show a band of heavy rain drowning large areas of East Anglia and the Midlands, with a region just north of London also being hit.

The heavy downpours will continue throughout Sunday afternoon, spreading further further north to as far as Manchester and beyond heading into the evening.

Heavy rain dies down slightly in the early hours of Monday before heading eastwards across the North Sea later that morning.

Brian Gaze, from The Weather Outlook, warned an area of low pressure moving northwards from France brings the potential for torrential rain, thunderstorms and even “flash flooding”.

England and southern Wales will take brunt of the downpours on Saturday but by Sunday, another batch of thunderstorms and heavy rain could push further northwards.

Mr Gaze told Express.co.uk: “An area of low pressure moving up from France could bring a soggy Platinum Jubilee weekend to parts of the country.

“It brings the potential for downpours, thunderstorms and even flash flooding!

“However, computer models are still firming up on the details, so keep up to date with short range forecasts.

He added: “At the moment it looks as though south western England and southern Wales could be hit by downpours on Saturday, with a lower chance of showers in other parts of the south. Further north it should be fine.

“Through Saturday night and Sunday another batch of thunderstorms and downpours could push northwards across much of England and Wales.

“Drier conditions may follow into southern and central Britain for a time but further showers develop.”

AccuWeather Senior Forecaster John Gresiak warned a storm is on way and could bring as much as 50mm of rain to some areas of the UK over the long bank holiday weekend, which could trigger “localised flooding and travel delays”.

Thunder and lightening will also likely accompany these downpours that could reach 50mm, while the storm could trigger winds of more than 40mph in some regions.

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Mr Gresiak told Express.co.uk: “During the weekend, a storm is expected to take shape, initially cantered over northern France but then moving northeast into the North Sea.

“Rain from the storm is expected to overspread parts of southern England on Saturday night (although there can be spotty showers before that).

“Heaviest rainfall, occurring from Saturday night through Sunday and even into Monday, along the southeast and east-central coast, from about the Humber River on south.

“Some of these areas can get around 50mm of rain during that time, which can cause localised flooding and travel delays.

“Farther west toward London around 25mm of rain are expected. Thunder and lightning can accompany the rain in some areas.

“Rather strong wind can also occur with this storm, especially right along the southeast and east-central coast.

“Gusts there can reach 70kmh (43mph) or a bit higher, possibly causing power cuts and tree damage. Around the London area, some gusts to 50kmh (31mph) can occur.”

The Met Office warned a “plume of warm air from the continent will influence the weather in southern and central areas, bringing showers here that could turn heavy and thundery at times”.

The national forecaster said it may issue warnings nearer the time, depending on how the forecast pans out over the coming hours.

Met Office Deputy Chief Meteorologist Rebekah Sherwin said: “A plume of warm air, currently across the continent, pushes north over the UK through the weekend.

“There remains some uncertainty on how far north it will stretch but southern areas are likely to see a spell of showers on Saturday and Sunday, which could turn heavy and thundery at times.

“However, there will also be some breaks in the cloud even here, and northern areas are most likely to stay fine and dry.”

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